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2013 Aston Martin Vantage GTE

A Brief Walkaround With AMR’s Dan Sayers.

The transformation of the fortunes of Aston Martin Racing to their current four, and perhaps even five, car WEC programme has been as dramatic a turnaround as we have seen in recent years.

And if the announcement of this year’s programme is anything to go by the Banbury boys don’t intend to take their foot off the gas.

After the drivers had left and as the stragglers at the Mayfair launch were leaving, AMRs Chief GT Engineer Dan Sayers took the DSC Ed on a brief walk-around tour of the new 2013 version of the Vantage GTE.

“Most of the changes are actually under the skin with an engine evolution (mentioned by AMR MD John Gaw as being worth c 50 bhp), new rear suspension, this was one area that we had a fair amount of negative comment about from the drivers last year.  That’s all now bespoke to the race car, last year we had some road car components in there.

“The new car is stiffer, by more than 10% over the ’12 car.

“A new fly by wire throttle is now permitted by the regulations and features on the Vantage in 2013 too.

“There’s been plenty of attention on weight reduction again and we’ve improved the car’s centre of gravity too.

“The clutch and flywheel are now both transmission-mounted rather than engine-mounted; again, that gives us advantages.

“There are some changes externally with revisions to the aero but the biggest change, visually at least, are the extended sills, mounting the exhausts.

“That’s almost entirely to do with driver comfort, moving a very hot exhaust away from the cockpit will help to keep down the cockpit temperatures, again something we heard plenty about from the guys last year.

“Beyond what we have improved on the car we’ve been busy out of the car too with the team working hard on shaving time from our pitstop routines too. Overall we should be in very good shape.”