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FIA WEC: Bahrain, Friday Evening Notes


The investigation into the #8 Toyota overtaking under red flags has resulted in a €2000 fine and a ‘suspended exclusion from an event, suspended until the end of an event unless another flag infringement occurs’ – Roughly translated that means – “If you do it again you’re out of here!”

There’s a further €2000 fine for Greaves Motorsport for the heinous crime of a ‘late announcement of a change of driver’ – Jon Lancaster and Wolfgang Reip the men with €1000 prices on their head.

It’s the second such penalty for Greaves this year, they missed the deadline with TKS at Austin, and 8Star got the same penalty at Austin, for Malucelli’s late addition to the team

There’s no sign just yet of the comedy levels of fog that we suffered here after darkness fell last night.

With the proposed plans for Aston Martin’s return to the WEC in 2014 already on the record on these pages, and with Porsche’s confirmation today for a factory team’s return to GTE too we’re still awaiting a decision from Ferrari, RAM Racing look set to field a Pro car but Amato Ferrari, during a longer interview due for publication here next week, so far has no news of a programme in GTE Pro for AF Corse.

“We hope to be back with 2 cars in Pro, 2 in Am and, we hope 2 in LMP2 as well but nothing is yet finalised.”

Great news from the Audi Sport camp as mother and daughter equipe Teresa and Sarah Pass have been awarded the title of ‘Best Pair’, this hot on the heels of a successful outing in the always tricky Singles ranks for Ms Pass Jr. Sadly for the purposes of satire both titles relate to their tennis prowess!