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Pictures Of The Year, by Regis Lefebure

Regis Lefebure, as Chosen by Martin Spetz

Laguna Seca ALMS – Late afternoon golden California sun and a bit of Regis magic makes this shot look like a Slot Mods USA slot car track.

AMR Retains Sense Of Humour Over Trying Season

Resiliency of the human spirit.

Chris Dyson

Lime Rock ALMS – Is Chris looking at Regis’s camera or looking through him, intent on something else or lost in thought?


Serious Beaky. How does Regis do it? I always seem to catch Dave smiling…

Bahrain – more than just the camaraderie of three good mates walking together (with the fourth taking the image), it tells so much of the chosen profession.  Walking, away from home, walking, loads of gear, walking, did I mention the walking…