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Timing The Dubai 24 Hours

We were joined in the Radio Le Mans commentary booth in Dubai by Harald Roelse, managing director of timing team who explained how, with some clever programming and use of simple technology, they had achieved the super clear online system that we enjoyed throughout the weekend of the Dunlop Dubai 24 Hours.

Time Service’s Sanne van der Meer (pictured right below) blogged after the race and has kindly agreed for us to share her thoughts on the event and the timing challenges here:

We are back in the office after an amazing week in Dubai for timing the Dunlop 24 hours. Looking back at the days in Dubai we have to conclude that this year’s event has been a great success. Every year the professionalism of the organization and cooperation between helping partners seem to be even more streamlined.

Timing a 24 hour race.

The people who do not know time keeping might not have a clue what we do during the 24 hours. But we can ensure you the 24 hours go by very fast, we have no time to get bored. It is a fact that our timing system RSTime runs the time keeping as an auto-pilot. All timing information is automatically collected, stored and distributed to the timing screens and Live Timing. We, as time keepers, only have to interfere when a special situation occurs that requires our attention.

Eric Teeken0002-2The timing is an important source of information for the clerks of the course. They often ask us to research specific situations. We analyze the timing, lap, sector, pit and stint information to make sure the cars on the track follow the rules and regulations.
For example the BOP minimum reference times and jokers. The system warns us when a car exceeds its personal minimum lap time. From this warning we make a penalty report for the clerk of the course.

Another important situation for time keeping is the code-60 on the track. During the Code-60’s. We checked all lap – and sector – times, speeds and pit stop of the top-5.


Especially in the first half of this year’s race we were very busy with code-60 control.

In the end for time keeping it is important to supply everyone with the accurate information they need; the clerks of the courses, race control, organization, teams and drivers, commentators, press and the fans!

Live Coverage during the 24 Hours.

It has never been so much fun to follow the 24 hour race as this year. With a Live camera Stream, 24 hour coverage of the Radio Le Mans team, live broadcasts on MotorsTV, Live timing and other digital updates all motorsport fans worldwide could follow the action of the 24 hours.

Live Timing, Tracker and Statistics.

This year is the first year we introduced our Live Timing including the tracker and statistics page to the followers and fans of the 24 Hours of Dubai. Since last year we have been able to improve the performance and functionality of the Live Timing overwhelming everybody with an impressive amount of race timing information and statistics.

By talking and listening to the fans and motorsport connoisseurs we were able to add interesting information appreciated by everybody following the race. During the 24 Hours of Dubai we had an impressive amount of 25.500 unique visitors on the Live Timing pages.

Through social media and a number of other sources we received so many positive reactions to the Live Timing.

When we asked the commentators of the Radio Le Mans team, we got some nice quotes:

Graham Goodwin, Radio Le Mans and editor

“The online Timing, just like Code 60, is an example to the rest of world motorsport as to what can be achieved when you talk to the end user. The Live Timing is clear, has more relevant information than any other publicly accessible system I can recall and it is flexible enough to actually add content to race coverage, rather than struggling to draw data and conclusions from a far more restricted system. ”

Paul Truswell added

“The amount of information to the public is much greater than at any other event. For us it is important to stay on top of everything. Thanks to the Live Timing, we were getting up-to-date information and we are able to predict the strategy that the various teams were using. gave us all the information that we needed”.

Our 24H of Dubai experience

With Radio Le Mans on the speakers and live camera images on the TV screens we created a nice atmosphere in time keeping. Our timing team has had a great week while preparing and timing the 24 Hours.

Although some moments might have been hectic and we always encounter surprises, with some help we were able to overcome all problems.


We experienced a lot of cooperation and support of all the partners we worked together with. A big thanks to Creventic, DNRT, Race Control operators, KNAF and ACTUAE stewards, Dubai Autodrome, Radio Le Mans, Quattro Media, Spaa05 and many others.

Lastly we want to thank all motorsport fans for reacting so positive on the Live Timing, tracker and statistics.

We hope next year we can at least equal this experience or perhaps even improve it!