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Ligier JS P2 Revealed In Auto Hebdo

Also leaked yesterday on the internet was the first rendering of the new Onroak Automotive designed and built 2014 Ligier LMP2 Coupe. The picture below features in the current edition of Auto Hebdo which has full details of the car.

Ligier JS P2

Other pictures in Auto Hebdo below show production is underway, with a Nissan engined car close to completion. The second (Honda engined car) is also already confirmed and in build (for Oak Racing Total), with OAK now confirming that they will likely field a third (Nissan engined) car at Le Mans.

DSC believes that assembly of the first car was finished at the end of February with homologation papers now being compiled to allow the car to debut publicly at the June 1 Le Mans Test Day, and to race at Le Mans effort at Le Mans.

The car is due to test in private before then, probably on the air force base at Chateauroux and will follow that with private testing in Spain.

Jacques Nicolet:

“I am very pleased that this, the first product 100% designed and built by Onroak Automotive is a Ligier and I am sure that the combination of the work of Onroak Automotive and the famous name of Ligier will build on that, as in sports the passion matters.

“It bears the name of JS P2, in respect for the history of the brand, a way to feed our future through the glorious sporting past of Ligier.

“With its closed shell, the Ligier JS P2 may represent a more attractive product, especially for teams interested in TUSCC, the new U.S. Championship where the culture of closed cars, and we create opportunities for development.

“Also the design of closed cars seems an essential element in developing Onroak Automotive in the future.”

Nicolas Clémençon , Head of Research Department Onroak Automotive:

“We have wanted to design an LMP coupe for some time and now it’s here. This project is the result of a long preparation. We have included a number of ingredients:

“We have concentrated the strengths of the Morgan LM P2,

“We have undertaken important aerodynamic validation work with new concepts realised by RUAG Aerospace,

“It has a latest generation monocoque with a touch of novelty and its own identity and character.

“We designed a new LM P2 for writing new pages of the Ligier endurance racing but this car is also the showcase for our expertise at Onroak Automotive.”

Thierry Bouvet Onroak Automotive Technical Director:

“We are all anxious to see the Ligier JS P2 on track. It is the culmination of many months of study and work and we will now enter a phase of validation on track before we homologate the car. “