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FIA WEC Prologue: Paul Ricard, Thursday AM Paddock Notes


Early risers in the paddock have plenty that’s new and interesting to look at.


Porsche and Toyota have ‘privacy boards’ in place in front of their garages today.


Proton’s new Porsche 911 RSR is here in all its silver and black glory.


Prospeed meanwhile have their older 997 RSR car here too.


Ram’s new livery for their Ferrari 458 looks very good indeed.


Whilst Rebellion’s livery looks very pretty on the Lola Toyotas.


Bart Hayden meanwhile shared the latest (not for publication) pic of the Rebellion R One with the DSC Ed.


Rebellion won’t find out what spec the Lolas will run in at Silverstone until 2 April, the ACO will be looking at eta from the Prologue test before deciding what (if any) restrictor the car will require!

Fabio Leimer is here and ready to go, a race deal with Rebellion looks very likely with some final details to be ironed out, and of course the test this week to come.

Fabio Leimer

Finally for now – We won’t see the Strakka Dome S103 this weekend, the brand new car developed a technical issue and the team have opted to test privately at a later date prior to Silverstone.

Pictures: John Hindhaugh & David Lord