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SMP Racing Respond To Extension Of Sanctions From USA & European Union Against Russia

On a day of upheaval for the FIA WEC’s 2014 LMP2 entry, SMP Racing has responded to an escalation of the sanctions imposed on a number of named Russian businessmen, including the owners of the race team, in response to the ongoing political situation between Russia and the Ukraine:

SMP Racing considers unacceptable escalation of sanctions imposed by European Union and USA against some of Russian businessmen beyond political and economical areas. SMP Racing does not have any relation to Ukrainian events and does not have any political and economical goals. In this regard usage of sport by European Union and U.S. Department of State as an instrument of political blackmail is a surprise and disappointment.

At the moment bank accounts of European Representative Office of non-commercial organization SMP Racing are blocked. Participation of Russian drivers in largest European Championships like World Endurance Championship (WEC), European Le Mans Series (ELMS), execution of international projects in autosport, propaganda of road traffic safety and others are at risk of failure.

“Usage of sport as an instrument of political battle never leads to effective settlement of political issues. Speculations taken by leaders of USA and European Union just harm millions of fans all over the World and destroys all positive changes reached in sport cooperation with our European colleagues. We receive words of support from famous sport activists and drivers. I hope that Europe will remember the Olympic Charter and except sport from instruments of political battle”, said Sergey Zlobin, Sport Director of SMP Racing.

SMP Racing expresses concern of speculation of sport and hopes that responsible authorities of European Union, leaders of the United States of America will change their decision on the sanctions and stop the usage of sport as an instrument of political blackmail. We demand immediate exception of non-commercial organizations and their activities from the list of sanctions taken against Russia. We remind that right to go in for sport is the inalienable right of every human as declared by Olympic Charter and we ask Europe and USA to hear the voice of reason by lifting restrictions of participation of Russian sportsmen in International competitions.

Despite the statement above SMP Racing has confirmed this evening to DSC that their ELMS (GTE & GTC) and WEC (LMP2) efforts will still be in place for Silverstone.