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If Anyone Can, KK Can!


Kevin Korjus was a hot property in the World Series by Renault over the last few seasons. The Estonian has transferred that inherent talent and promise in to endurance racing this season with the crack ART Grand Prix team.

We spoke to the 21 year-old ahead of qualifying this morning.

Kevin, you seem to be really enjoying this new direction in your career?

“I love it! The racing at Monza was mega and I expect more of the same here. I was completely unaware that endurance racing was like this to be honest. It is really complex and competitive and for a driver it is great to focus on so many other aspects apart from just the driving. It is a different way to single-seaters but it is an enjoyable way to operate, as a driver.”

Tyres wise what are the main differences between the Pirelli’s (Blancpain) and the Michelin’s (ELMS)?

“Well for me it is harder to find the ultimate balance here at Silverstone on the Michelins. We are working hard on it and I know other teams are too but we will get there on consistency soon I hope. The tyre wear will be greater here for sure because of the nature of the track with many more high loaded corners. The degradation even in free practice was quite a lot but at the same time it is quite cool – 13 or 14 degrees today so maybe it won’t affect the race too much. We will see.”


What about driving with teammates that have varying experience and pace?

“Again it is all new but you just need to adapt. Of course Blancpain is different because we are all professional (with Soucek and Demoustier) while here we have silver (Demoustier) and bronze (Goudy). It is just a case of doing as much as you can pre-race and also during the briefings to help, especially the bronze driver. The team are good with this approach and it is satisfying to have such an impact on how the team works. After all it is of benefit to me as a driver that the other two are as quick as possible.”

Are you keeping options open for your short-term career? Are single-seaters still on the Korjus radar?

“Yes definitely but the problem there is money. The budgets get larger every year and it is not easy to get a healthy one to do GP2 or World Series. So from a career perspective I have to look at the long-term and the endurance scene is as healthy as it has been for many years with some big teams like ART Grand Prix but also some nice manufacturers coming in too. So, I am very much concentrating on endurance racing in 2014 and we will see what impression I make here at ART Grand Prix in the Blancpain and here in ELMS.”