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DSC Editor Reaches Significant Milestone

He’s awkward in company, mumbles a lot, used to go down the bus station in an anorak with pen and paper in hand, and looks a lot younger than his years [only one of these facts is true – Dep Ed]; but today DSC’s esteemed editor Graham Goodwin reaches his half-century, having failed miserably to have hidden the fact from his media colleagues.

Although DSC is a large family, with contributors all around the world, it’s fair to say that very few of us would be doing this were it not for the tireless efforts of Captain Mainwaring* since the site began in 2002, and especially since Crackers called it a day in 2008. Frankly, we’re quite depressed by how much energy the little sod has!

Although his passport reveals him to be British and of human origin, many of us are convinced that he is actually the product of a fiendish and top secret Cold War project (origin unknown) that has produced a man/sponge hybrid that can absorb any fact and recall it instantly, eloquently and in perfect context. His other superpowers include a skin as thick as a Rhino on steroids and an ability to pummel opponents into the ground with a constant stream of painful puns.

A committed family man (although he has been known to coerce offspring into performing pitlane-running duties in the dead of night at various circuits around the world) and a high-flier in the world of…..well, actually, none of us are really sure what his day job is…..Fred Astaire* can still find time to bang out an interview with a top driver on the tube on the way into work, write a comment piece on the way back, touch base with several key motorsport movers and shakers after tea, participate in Midweek Motorsport on Radio Le Mans before supper, and write five news stories before powering down the laptop. Apparently, he also eats and sleeps, although we suspect that the apparent evidence below has been faked.

He is also the best boss, friend and colleague a person could hope for!

Happy Birthday GG – here’s to 50 more!

(* Official DSC nicknames – see also ‘Beertricks’)