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Audi Announce Italian GT Driver Line-Up

The 2014 season for the Italian GT Championship may be getting underway in a fortnight, but there still lots of pieces needing to fall into place in terms of driving pairings. As usual, Audi have made their play earlier than most and announced that the venerable Dindo Capello will have a new teammate this year in Emanuele Zonzoni, another young gun switching from open wheel racing.

The second Audi R8 will be driven by Thomas Schoffler and Marco Mapelli, two real hot shoes. Schoffler comes from the Superstars series and is already an Audi protégée, while Mapelli makes the move from Porsche, having driven with Antonelli Motorsport team last year. Who will be the next team to announce drivers? BMW? Ferrari? Time is running out!

There may be no more news on the driver front, but the BOP is still very alive. Basically, the pre-season BOP adjustments are focused only on the 2013-2013 spec car, and for sure some of them are more heavy penalized than others:

Porsche 911: -20kilos but 1 restrictor of 56mm (65 last year)
Ferrari 458: +5 kilos same restrictor
McLaren MP4-12C: +10 kilos little less power
BMW Z4: -30 kilos same power
Audi R8: +5 kilos 2 restrictor of 43mm (39 last year)
Lamborghini: -10 kilos with slightly more power
Corvette: -20 kilos with slightly more power
Mercedes SLS: -10 kilos (1320 total, well over 100kg more than Ferrari, Porsche and Audi…) and much more power

No news about the CUP class – and that’s probably not good news – and no news about newcomers.

As we have reported previously, the 2014 season could possibly be the darkest in the history of Italian Motorsport. Take, for example, the Italian Historic Championship, which previously had three separate class races, but now has only one race. Round 1 takes place at Franciacorta, with just three cars on the grid. No comment.

Gabriele Tosi