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Italian GT Pre-Monza News

After the first round at Misano, and just before the first of two visits to the Temple of Speed at Monza this weekend (the second being the big finale in October), several BOP adjustments have been made for the cars running in the Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo: the Audis will have 20 kilos extra on the worst track for the R8 all season; the Porsches, desperately slower than the 458 Italia at Misano, will have 20 kilos extra, but a slightly larger restrictor (56mm to 60 mm); the Lamborghinis get an extra 25mm front and rear ride-height; while Ferrari, Mercedes, Corvette and McLaren remain unchanged (although we have yet to see the British supercar this season). The debuting Nissan GT-R, meanwhile, will weigh in at 1310kg, with two restrictors of 40mm.

We joke sometimes about the BOP, but really sometimes the decisions “upstairs” seem to have been taken by a politician rather than an expert…

The already large field of almost 30 cars will see a second Bonaldi Motorsport Lamborghini Gallardo in the Cup class for Simone Iacone (longtime Alfa Romeo one-make series driver) and Simone Tempesta, while the Nissan will be driven by Lorenzo Bontempelli – ex-co-champion with Stefano Livio in the early days of the GT3 class – and Mino Caccia.

The weekend should be hot and sunny, and be a real test for the new (old) tyre supplier, Pirelli.

Gabriele Tosi