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Le Mans 24 Hours: Wednesday Morning Notes


A brief chat with Judd’s LMP2 chef du camp Stan Hall revealed at leaf some of the details of the upgraded BMW based V8 for 2014:

“It’s had a bit of a re-tune with revised injector positioning and a change to the cam profile plus a bit of a friction reduction programme.”

“The overall result is a slight power increase, we already had better top end power than the Nissan engine but this gives us a little more, but more importantly it gives us a step in an area where we needed it, in the low end where torque levels have been improved noticeably.”

The Nissan ZEOD RC will go for it’s first attempt at a Zero Emissions lap during qualifying. The team is aiming for Thursday evening but could go for the lap tonight if plans come together.

There’s no Jaguar XJR 14 here for the Group C support race unfortunately, Bob Berridge will therefor be forced to settle for just his Mercedes C11, hardly a cause for grief counselling for Bob but there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the fans trackside.

The other support race this weekend sees the French and UK Porsche Carrera Cup grids join forces.

Amongst the names on the entry are Nicolas Armindo and Khaled Al Qubaisi, both doing double duty with the 24 Hours, Ben Barker who also races with Gulf Racing UK in the ELMS plus previous Le Mans runners Maxime Jousse, Roland Berville and Thomas Biagi.