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Racing Colour, It’s For the Kids, Honest!

The DSC Ed came across the work of Tom Campbell for the first time last year, a unique contribution to the graphical offerings around motorsport, not the detailed technical drawings produced by some, or the cartoon offerings of the late and very great Jim Bamber, instead these were line drawings of significant racecars, viewed from the front three quarter angle, some with classic livery lines in place, others with a blank canvas.

Yes, in a throwback to those winters evenings and rainy Sundays of our childhoods Tom was producing bona fide racing colouring books!

DSC came close to commissioning a book from Tom last year but other racing priorities intervened. I was delighted though to meet him in person for the very first time at the Spa 24 Hours where he offered a copy of his very first book, now offered for sale online alongside free to download sheets of individual cars.


Now I have been offered review books before and the DSC crew is always interested in reading, and perhaps even obtaining the books when the review is done. This time though Tom popped back with 3 copies of his ‘Racing Colour Vol 1’ on the desk and I have seldom seen such interest!

racing-colour-book-insideSuffice to say it was all I could do to escape with one copy which was greeted with absolute delight by my 10 year old daughter who disappeared, pencils in hand, for a good 30 minutes immediately! (That in itself is little short of miraculous!!)

The book has 20 different cars, each shown with the aforementioned livery lines and in livery free form (so 40 colouring pages in all) in A4 size and landscape format.

The selection is eclectic & interesting, F1 cars through the ages, Rally cars from the iconic Mini Cooper, Lancia Stratos, MG Metro 6R4 & Subaru Impreza up to the Citroen C4 WRC.

Touring cars kick off with the Lotus Cortina and move through the Sierra Cosworth and Super Touring eras (represented by a Renault Laguna) to the present day with a Volvo S60 V8 Supercar.

And then there are the sportscars! The BASF liveried BMW M1, Fina liveried longtail McLaren, Gulf GT40, Toshiba Ferrari 333SP, Jägermeister 911 and the Audi R18 Ultra.

It’s available to buy online from Tom’s website for just £8 – Bargain!

And on a (very) rainy Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK – I’m off to fetch the pencils!