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Media Obsession With F1 Sees Global Success Ignored

We’ll be writing in a lot more detail about the race this past weekend at Bahrain International Circuit that saw the drivers titles settled in three of the four FIA WEC classes but here’s a thought to ponder.

Of the three major TV channels in the UK and 10 national newspapers just one, The Guardian, gives any mention of this country’s new FIA World Champion, Anthony Davidson, whilst several dutifully report the near international irrelevance of the scrabblings of Caterham to get to the grid for the final F1 race of the year in Abu Dhabi, an effort that is purely about money, the team having zero chance of sporting success.

It seems that the publicity pendulum in our sport has swung so far in one direction that even global success in a manufacturer backed team, in an FIA World Championship comes a very distant second place to the continuing struggles of a team that has been unsuccessful both on track and commercially.

That’s surely something that both the FIA, and the national motorsport governing bodies should be examining and influencing as we move forwards.

The global economy is still on a knife edge, but the financial health of our sport is not defined by whether or not a couple of grid filling cars make it to a race. If that media perception is left unchallenged the already herculean challenge of finding race budgets for teams and drivers at National and international level just gets harder.