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FIA WEC: Interlagos, Post Qualifying Driver Quotes


With thanks to the FIA WEC PR team (hugely hard working this weekend in particular!)

Mark Webber: #20 Porsche Team

“I was driving way over the top in the first session here. I was braking to deep and expecting too much of the car, so I had to really peel it back and then Timo really put the session back on the rails and showed what the car could do. The tyres weren’t too bad when I got back in and I was pretty confident we could improve the average which we did and I was really happy with my last lap and we got a front row for Porsche which is great.”

“I think it is our best chance for win this season here in Interlagos. It will be a long hard race and anything can pop up and wreck your day. We have some brutal opposition and some very well-oiled machines against us and it will be hard but we will give it our best shot.”

Timo Bernhard: #20 Porsche Team

“We have always had a mega qualifying in the last five races but the #14 car got the pole in Shanghai and Bahrain but we were pretty close too. We had a nice fight at the end with the #14 car for pole here. What we are seeing is that there is not so much tyre degradation so the times were really close together and for me it is nice because it is the first time I am here in Brazil so it is awesome.”

Olivier Pla: G-Drive Racing

“I was quite confident about the pole today and we are too about the race but as we know a lot of things can happen as we saw in Bahrain even at the end. We have worked a lot on the set-up for the race tomorrow so it looks good so we will do our own race and for sure we have to look at the race closely.”

Roman Rusinov: G-Drive Racing

“I was quite surprised because in free practice I only got clear laps but in qualifying I got all the LMP1 cars behind and overtaking so I am sorry if I disrupted somebody. So I didn’t really have a clear lap but at the end of the day we could still manage the pole position. With the traffic everything was changing very fast but we did it.”

Nick Heidfeld: #12 Rebellion Racing

“The last couple of races our team mates were closer to us so it was good to have some competition but we had the upper hand again today. This morning we were not too happy with the car but that is what practice is for I guess and we improved the car greatly for qualifying. I think that over the last couple of races we have worked together very well in the #12 car. I have to thank Mathias not only for the great job he has done today but also because he has given me some overalls because I have no luggage arrive with me, so Mathias was in the car twice in qualifying!”

Mathias Beche: #12 Rebellion Racing

“It is hard for a privateer like us because we do our testing at the races really. We always work really hard to improve the car and we find some interesting things. The car was better in quali and we are closer to the manufacturer teams but I hope next year we can have more power and things can change so we can be even closer.”

Darren Turner: #97 Aston Martin Racing

“Last year we just missed out on the win by less than a second. It looks like #51 Ferrari had some problems and they are starting toward the back of the grid so that is a good thing for us. We have been very close to getting a win in the last few races so let’s hope tomorrow we can make sure it is one of those days when can get to the chequered flag in front of everyone. It has been an interesting couple of days and this circuit is amazing. It has always been one of my favourites and now with the new surface it is like a really good arcade game! We are very happy and Stefan did a good coupe of laps at the beginning which made my life a little bit easier.”

Stefan Mücke: #97 Aston Martin Racing

“The team did a very good job and we found a great set-up and we made good progress through all of the practice sessions so the car was really strong for quali. The new asphalt on the track makes it very different to all the past years so we started from zero basically but we are in good shape for the race.”

Christoffer Nygaard: #98 Aston Martin Racing

“Before we went in to qualifying I felt confident because David (Heinemeir Hansson) has been really strong in the #95 car and of course Nicki (Thiim) is also very fast. But we did it and it was up to me at the end and we made it. I am happy for the team and think we can have a strong race tomorrow.”

Pedro Lamy: #98 Aston Martin Racing

“The car felt good and the track was fast. It was nice to drive and we managed to get another pole but everyone is very close. We didn’t really know if we could manage to do it but we did in the end. Again it will be close tomorrow so I am really looking forward to a big battle all the way through the six hours.”