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24H Series Awarded International Championship Status, Revised Calendar Due

The World Motorsport Council of the FIA has approved the application for full international status for Creventic’s 24H Series.

This means that, starting with the tenth anniversary edition of the Hankook 24H Dubai (January 8-10, 2015), championship points for drivers and teams, as well as for the special Ladies’ Cup, can now be officially awarded for all races counting towards the series.


“We are delighted with this news, because it gives another boost to our rapidly growing series,” says Gerrie Willems on behalf of Creventic.

The Dutch agency, in co-operation with the Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT), is the organiser and promoter of the 24H Series.

“We would like to express our thanks to everyone involved in this process, especially to the Dutch national federation KNAF, who have been instrumental in this next step in our development.”

Although the dates for the 2015 24H Series were announced early some potential date clashes with other endurance race events in Europe have come up.

Showing their usual outlook on these things Creventic are now in discussion with the various parties concerned over the dates for the Hankook 12H Zandvoort (initially planned for 24-25 April, 2015), and the Hankook 12H Hungary (originally scheduled for 2-3 October, 2015).

A revised calendar for the 2015 24H Series powered by Hankook will be published in the upcoming weeks.