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TUSCC: Roar Before The Rolex 24 At Daytona, Test Review, The Prototype Classes

Prototype Class

16 cars from the combined Daytona Prototype and P2 class were entered for the three days of on-track testing at Daytona International Speedway that now traditionally starts the North American season.

It was a test with rather less controversy that in 2014 when the newly upgraded DPs hit trouble, with the times rather closer than we saw 12 months ago too.

Heavy rain on the final day rather cramped the field’s style but the test times were topped overall by the Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette DP of Jordan and Ricky Taylor and Max Angelelli, a lap of 1:39.181 just over a tenth of a second faster than the TUSCC 2014 Championship winning #5 Action Express car.

Team by Team (in order of fastest time at the Test)

#10 Konica Minolta Corvette DP for Wayne Taylor Racing (J.Taylor, R.Taylor Angelelli)

10 years ago this month Wayne Taylor and Max Angelelli co-drove with Emmanuel Collard to victory in the 43rd Rolex 24 At Daytona and Jordan Taylor’s lap in Saturday’s first track session of 1:32.181 has surely got the team eying an appropriate anniversary celebration!

The team remained on the pace for the following sessions with the third, fifth and second-fastest laps of the remaining Saturday sessions


The team was in shakedown mode during the Friday sessions, their first official outing on the racetrack since last October’s victory by the Taylor brothers and Angelelli in the 2014 season-ending Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta and the first public outing too for the car now clas=d (as are all the Corvette DPs, in C7 restyled bodywork.

Jordan Taylor: “It was a good test. These days, you need to have the fastest car because, when you get to the final hour (of the race), you need to race everyone. Five years ago, we wouldn’t focus on a lap-time car. We’d just make it as comfortable as possible. Now, you need to work on lap times and race pace because you know you’re going to come to that last hour having to race for the win.

“Day one this weekend, we just went through things that basically we needed to get through because we hadn’t run the car since the Petit Le Mans. So, I wasn’t really going for a lap time or developing the car. It was all about basically getting the drivers reacclimated to everything and getting used to the track again.

“Day two, we started working on the car and were quickest in the morning and were in the top-three the next two sessions. I think we made good progress on the car. All three of us are comfortable with it. We did a lot of pit stop practice during the night practice to get all the guys back into that mode. Overall, it was quite successful. We definitely have a lot to do on the car before race week. But, I think right now we have a comfortable car I think we can race for the win with. And we’ll just keep working on the car. Last year, we were stronger in the night than we were in the daytime. That’s one of the things we worked on this test, as compared to last year.”

Ricky Taylor: “We had a long test plan to get through and we just kind of worked through everything we needed to do methodically, even though some of the things weren’t necessarily things that would make the car go faster at the moment. But we got a lot of good chances made. Everything in the test plan got accomplished. We got all three drivers in the car at night and got some long runs in. We definitely have things we need to improve but we made a lot of progress over the three days. I think we’ll have a strong car for the race. Weather conditions have proved to be a big factor. The car changes a lot in the heat. It’s always easier to drive the car when it’s cooler at night. But since the race ends in the middle of the day, in the heat of the day, we’re going to have to set up the car more for that, and that’s been a big focus of the weekend.”

Wayne Taylor, team owner: “The Roar Before the 24 was a good test for us. The standard of competitiveness is much, much higher than I was expecting. There’s nobody in the Prototype class you can count out. Literally, there are probably at least 10 cars that could win this race. We tried many different setups with the car so that when we come back, depending on the weather, we can look back at our data and make the appropriate changes.”

#5 Action Express Racing Corvette DP (Barbosa, Fittipaldi, Bourdais)

Action Express made it a 1,2 for the Corvette DPs in the overall times across the three day test, the 2014 TUSCC Teams Champions topping the times in the night practice session on Saturday evening with Sebastian Bourdais at the wheel for a 1;39.310.


The defending event Champions were never too far from the top of the timesheet and look strong for the race to come in a fortnight’s time.

#60 Michael Shank Racing with Curb/Agajanian Ligier Honda JS P2 Coupe (Pew, Negri, Allmendinger, McMurry)

It’s a brave new world for the hugely experienced Michael Shank Racing crew with the switch being made over the close season from their Ford Engined DP to a new Ligier Coupe powered by the well proven HPD built twin turbo V6.


The team has a productive shakedown test with the new car last week at Palm Beach International Raceway and emerged from the Roar test in very positive mood, the car having scored the third fastest time of the weekend on Saturday afternoon in the hands of AJ Allmendinger, the time just a couple of tenths off the best in the test overall.

The team’s full Rolex 24 At Daytona driver line-up, John Pew, Ozz Negri and AJ Allmendinger as well as 17-year-old newcomer Matt McMurry, all took part in the test as the group learned the intricacies of the new machinery.

The test provided a healthy mix of different track conditions with Friday presenting cool and overcast weather, while Saturday brought sunny skies and milder temperatures. Sunday’s sessions opened with “medium precipitation”, giving the team a chance to also learn more about the car in wet conditions and how it runs on the Continental Tire rain tires.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how good the car is and how well prepared it is,” said Team Owner Mike Shank. “We’ve had little issues, but nothing ever slowed us down. It’s a big learning process. The Onroak folks were amazingly accommodating to us and made sure we had what we needed when we needed it. But on top of that, they’ve built a car that everybody just loves to drive. I think we are very competitive so that’s good. It’s very different preparing this car compared to preparing the Daytona Prototype (DP). We know what the DP did, we had it for 10 years. With this new car, we just don’t know. We have four days back at the shop and it’s just going to be a massive press to make sure we get everything done that we need to.”

John Pew: “I’m very happy with the car. It’s very consumer friendly, driver friendly as far as the controls and the cockpit and the cooling. I think it’s very friendly to the mechanics to work on. It’s very easy to work on – it’s well thought out. I’m with Mike (Shank) 100% on his decision to switch from the Daytona Prototype to the Ligier JS P2. It was time to change and this was the way to go. Someday I would like to race over in France (at Le Mans)…”

Ozz Negri: “The Ligier JS P2 is a car that rewards rolling speed into the corner. Driving a Daytona Prototype for so long, we were naturally worried about how long it would take for us to really get a handle on this car and what it takes to drive. But it was really seamless – it happened really fast. This car does everything a racecar driver wants. I’m impressed with it. I’m also extremely impressed with the HPD Honda package. What we’ve been working on a lot at this test is the electronics and working to keep the tire life as long as possible. There is still a lot to learn, but we are in good shape. I’m extremely happy to have made this move and I feel pretty confident heading into the Rolex 24.”

AJ Allmendinger: “This is the type of racecar that really throughout the last 10, 11 years of car racing that I’ve done, I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve always thought the cars looked beautiful and anyone you talk to that sits in these types of car, just raves about how fun it is to drive. The support that I see around the hauler and on the timing stands from Honda and Onroak, is more than I’ve ever seen. Just for that fact, I’m excited for the Rolex 24 and I think we have a great shot. We still have a lot of work to do to get the car comfortable for everybody but I’m just liking the support system that Mike (Shank) has. It’s probably the most support he’s ever had and that it was excites me the most.”

Matt McMurry: “I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve seen so far at Michael Shank Racing with Honda and Onroak. It’s just been really good. Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming this entire weekend. The Ligier JS P2 car has been really, really fun to drive. It feels like it’s already set up pretty well and I think we have a great opportunity to do really well in the Rolex 24.”

#01 Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates Riley Ford EcoBoost DP (Pruett/Hand/Kimball/Karam/ Dixon Hand)
#02 Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates Riley Ford EcoBoost DP (Dixon/Kanaan/Larson/McMurray)

The pair of CGR Riley Fords were both running well, and finished the test with the Riley’s very close together on ultimate times, the #01 posting a 1:39.397 and the #02 a 1:39.406.


The #02 car’a time was set in the very first session of the weekend in the hands of Scott Dixon whilst the #01’s fastest effort came later on Friday courtesy of Joey Hand:

“Everyone at the team and Ford has done a great job developing the car in the off-season.  The Ford EcoBoost engine has good power and I’m really pleased with the work Ford has been doing,” said Hand later


Scott Pruett: “It’s exciting for me to be involved with Ford, period, no matter what we do. Putting them back in victory lane at Sebring overall was magical.  If we could get to victory lane here with Ford, it would, again, recreate that magic that’s there.”

#0 DeltaWing Racing Cars DWC 13 (Legge, Chaves, Rojas)

The DeltaWing Coupe, with new white livery and the newly signed Memo Rojas, put in some impressive times, the unique car ending the test 6th in the overall order with a 1:39.484, just 3 tenths off the fastest time of the test overall.


Memo Rojas: “It’s a very unique feeling, because I’m driving one of the most revolutionary cars in the history of motor racing. But as unique as it looks, it drives really well. Most drivers, including myself before I drove it, think ‘how does it turn?’ I can tell you – it turns very well. We were third quickest and I had a quick lap. But this is just the first test. There’s a lot of work to do. I’m really happy working with all the crew, with Tim Keene, who I know very well, and with (race engineer) Alan Mugglestone.”

The #0 though was forced back to its race shop in Braselton, Georgia after an incident in Saturday’s afternoon session. The car sustained damage after another car hit the wall on the front straight just ahead of driver Memo Rojas. The team was working through the resulting differences in downforce when Rojas lost control in the kink and tapped the wall. The team decided the damage was too significant to repair at the track.

Tim Keene, Team Manager: “We had some damage from the incident this morning that affected the underfloor, and that had a negative effect on the balance of the car. But overall, everything was good. It was unfortunate at the end, but we got a lot of good data and we’re confident in that area. We have a good package, we’re quicker than we’ve ever been here.”

#90 Racing Corvette DP (Westbrook, Rockenfeller, Valiante)

A pre-roar testing shunt didn’t cramp the style of the team previously known as Spirit of Daytona racing. Their now C7 bodied DP was right in the thick of things at the front of the field on pace with a best lap of 1:39.531 and with the car never really very far from the top of the timesheets.

#31 Action Express (Whelen) Corvette DP (Curran, Cameron, Papis, Keen)

Action Express’s new customer team were pleased with their weekend’s efforts after posting a 1:39.907 in the Whelen sponsored Corvette DP. The team had a relatively quiet test, the Daytona line-up taking the opportunity to gel and leaving the test with high hopes of a strong run at the race in a couple of weeks time.


Sunoco Daytona Challenge winner Phil Keen joins the team for the Rolex 24 Hours: “I had a test at Daytona before the Roar with the opportunity to get a fair amount of seat time then so this weekend was mainly about getting Eric and Dane comfortable in the car.

“The team is awesome, everyone is very helpful and having the input from the guys in the #5 car is great. I know Joao (Barbosa) well (both men drove for the Rollcentre Racing team) and he’s been very generous with his time too.

“The car is not too massive a difference from other things I’ve raced and the track spikes me as one of those places that is very easy to learn , but probably very, very tough to actually master!”

#7 Starworks Motorsport Riley Dinan BMW DP (Barrichello, Hartley, Hunter Reay, Graves, Mayer)

Starworks Motorsport waited until the closing minutes of Sunday’s session to get their headline for the weekend. With the track nearly dry following scattered showers throughout the day, the team bolted a set of slick tires on and sent out Rubens Barrichello, who promptly posted the fastest lap of the day by nearly five miles per hour.


The car went much faster the previous day (1:40.201) to sit 9th in the overall order at the end of the test, the Sunday lap though saw Barrichello lap the 3.56-mile circuit in 1:47.230 (119.519 mph) and feels the team made major strides in preparation for the Rolex 24 At Daytona on Jan. 24-25.

“Many people left because they were thinking the track was not going to dry. We stayed on the track because we needed the mileage. We put slick tires on right at the end, and I was able to get a fast lap. The cars I am running in Brazil are fantastic, but I was missing going 180 mph, because we don’t reach that in Brazil. It’s really good to be here, and I’m looking forward to the Rolex 24.

“I’m not excited so much about the time, because that means nothing, but the fact we got the car a little bit better is very encouraging. We have a lot to do yet (before the Rolex 24), but I’m enjoying driving very much.”

#57 Krohn Racing Ligier Judd JS P2 Coupe (Krohn, Jonsson, Pla, Brundle)

The Krohn Racing Ligier-Judd team completed all three full days of testing with the entire Roar checklist completed, the team ending the three days with a best time of 1:40.390

All four Rolex 24 drivers, Tracy W. Krohn, Nic Jonsson, Olivier Pla and Alex Brundle drove with the consensus from the engineers and drivers was that the test showed marked improvement with the Ligier-Judd and positive progress towards securing a reliable race-ready for the endurance classic race.


Hayden Burville, Krohn Racing Engineer: “The main reason to come to the Roar test, in addition to our previous Daytona test, is that we tested all four of our race drivers, which is an important part of preparing the team to be competitive and knowing the strengths of our driver line-up and how we’re going to deploy them strategically during the race.

“We got through all of our program. The weather being rainy Sunday didn’t really hurt. I was surprised how few of our competitors went out and used the opportunity to test in the rain. We’ve got some ideas now of how we would play our strategy if it rained during the race.”

Tracy Krohn: “We learned a lot about the car so it’s really good we were here at the Roar this weekend. We had one fundamental matter on the suspension hook up that we changed. We managed to do some other very successful testing. I’m still not happy with traction control, but we’ll get there. Clearly, it’s getting better all the time.”

Nic Jonsson: “It’s very good to be able to be here for the first time testing with the rest of the competition and to get an understanding of where we are. We obviously came here before Christmas and ran for three days. And now we are just going through all the systems and make sure we can get the car to run somewhat decent on the Continental tires.

“The tire is designed and built for the Daytona Prototype cars, which has completely different weight distribution and aerodynamics than we do. It’s a little tricky to get this new Ligier to work on this specific tire, but we’ve been sorting through the processes

“With the technical help and engineering help from Onroak Automotive, along with the help from Alex and Olivier, we’ve started to get a handle on it. We’re pretty pleased so far with the car compared to where we started. I think we need to keep working hard. All-in-all I think we had a couple of really productive days and we’ll bring that back home with us to analyze the data for the race.”

Olivier Pla: “For me specifically, the weekend has gone perfectly. As a team we have some very good people on the team who are very motivated. The atmosphere of the team, I love. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance in the car. We have been working on it and making progress with learning the Continental tires and how they work with the car. Of course right now, we aren’t up to the speed compared to the other P cars. We need to keep working on our side because it isn’t going to be easy, but I believe the team is ready for the 24 Hours.”

Alex Brundle: “I think we’ve had a positive test. I’ve really liked working with the team. Everyone’s been very calm and effective in their roles. Nic, Olivier and Tracy have all driven exceptionally well. There have been no mistakes from anyone on the engineering, mechanical, or on the driving side all weekend. I feel like we’ve made progress with the car and I think it’s been a very enjoyable and productive test for us all.”

Gary Holland, Krohn Racing Team Manager: “We found it a bit difficult at times this week to find a good balance in the car. Krohn Racing engineering along with support from Onroak, have made some strides back to where we think we should be. You can see how powerful the DPs are and their performance is a step ahead of the P cars at the moment.

“We’re hopeful that IMSA will evaluate all the data and move forward with the correct decisions before the Daytona 24. With that being said, we’re pretty confident moving into the race that we’ve got the package and strong drivers to keep the car in one piece and take the car to the end. The key is to be consistent and we’re well on the way to getting the package where we think we need it to be for the race.”

#2 Extreme Speed Motorsport Honda ARX 04b (Brown/van Overbeek/Fogarty)
#1 Extreme Speed Motorsport Honda ARX 04b (Sharp/Dalziel/Heinemeier Hansson) – Car did not run

The team arrived at the test with their second (#1) Honda Coupe not complete, and their hopes to complete construction and prep at the track failed to materialise with some required components not available.


The first delivered #2 car though did run, the very new car producing a 1:40.621, 11th fastest overall. As always with a new LMP it’s good to see the car without livery applied, and happily the HPD continues the current P2 theme of looking very different to the other potential class contenders, the frontal aspect for instance very different from the Ligier and the mirrors embedded into the upper wheel arches attracting much comment too.


Scott Sharp, Owner/Driver: “The car ran flawlessly. It was difficult for us because we were trying to finish the second car in the garage. Today (Friday) we ran six drivers in the one car. Our focus was cycling through the drivers, getting laps and being comfortable in the car.

“The Roar Before the 24 is deceiving because you always think you have a lot of time here and that’s not the case. Before we know it, we’re qualifying and racing the Rolex 24. It is important that every Tequila Patrón ESM driver gets laps during this three-day test. We’ve worked through a few things. I think everyone is pleased so far.

“Hopefully [the No. 1 car] will get out next week once we get all of the pieces together. We were a little optimistic bringing it here, but at the same time we needed some of the HPD guys to do a few things on it too, so it made sense.”


Jon Fogarty: “I’m super-excited about this opportunity and the car is great to drive. It’s comfortable, it’s quiet, there are a lot of things to like about it, but it’s still an evolving process getting used to it. I have driven a lot of different cars so it wasn’t totally foreign to me.”

Scott Sharp: “The Honda coupe ran flawlessly all day. It is difficult for us at the moment because we’re trying to finish the second car in the garage. Today we ran six drivers in the one car. Our focus was cycling through the drivers, getting laps and being comfortable in the car. The Roar Before the 24 is deceiving because you always think you have a lot of time here and that’s not the case. Before we know it, we’re qualifying and racing the Rolex 24. It is important that every Tequila Patrón ESM driver gets laps during this three-day test. We’ve worked through a few things. I think everyone is pleased so far and we’ll make changes overnight.”

#66 RG Racing Riley Dinan BMW DP (Gewirtz/Lewis/Kvamme)

It was a solid start from the newcomer to the class ranks, Shane Lewis set the car’s fastest time (1:41.364) as RG Racing learned at a rapid pace about both their car and the challenge ahead.

No sign just yet of additional drivers for the Rolex 24 but all three drivers thus far announced had time aboard the #66 “We had a driver lined up but unfortunately it didn’t work out, so we are still in a race to find our fourth driver to make sure we’ve got the budget to come back and run the race,” said Gewirtz. “We’ll be working the phones as hard as the guys on the crew worked on the car this weekend and hopefully we can be back here in just over a week.”


“The crew was fantastic,” said owner and driver Gewirtz of the team’s Daytona visit. “A lot of these guys have worked with each other before, but this was the first time with this entire group here this weekend as RG Racing and I was really pleased with how everyone performed.  Everyone got the jobs done, no issues. It’s a lot of nice guys and they work really well together.”

“We had Mark (Kvamme) in the car for the first real time and the car we gave him initially was still struggling handling-wise,” said Gewirtz of the start to the weekend. “But he did a great job and kept improving every time out, adapting his style to this car and got up to speed.”

“The teams that we are racing against at this level of the sport, they are the pointy end of the stick and every one is at the top of their game,” said Lewis. “There isn’t a single team here that is second rate. So you’ve got to be ready to go up against the best in the business and these guys did a great job to bring their A game this weekend and that’s what we need to do when we are back here in a couple of weeks.”

#07 Speedsource Mazda (Lola) SkyActiv Diesel Coupe (J.Miller/T.Long/Devlin/ Tremblay)
#70 Speedsource Mazda (Lola) SkyActiv Diesel Coupe (Bomarito/Nunez/Tremblay)


Whilst the pair of Mazda diesel engined P2 coupes weren’t at the sharp end of the field for the test (the cars finished the weekend 15th (#07) 1:42.124 and 17th (#70) 1:42.853over the three days), there have been major steps forward since the end of the 2014 TUSCC season.

After struggling for both speed and reliability last year the cars arrived at Daytona with some solid development and testing already undertaken with the production block based SkyActiv powered cars.

John Doonan, Director of Motorsports for Mazda North America: “In short, what we’re doing is telling a story,” Doonan said. “If you roll the story back to chapter one, which was one year ago, on this particular weekend, there weren’t very many smiling faces around this program.”


“Yesterday, as I sat on the west coast in meetings, trying to watch live timing when I could, words like ‘remarkable’, words like ‘miracle’ came to mind,” he said. “Looking in the eyes of our crew members and seeing what they’ve done to bring us to where we are today. We’re talking about 20 mph straight line gains, we’re talking about six to seven seconds of lap time at this particular track which isn’t particularly a place that allows us to show the strength of this engine in a straight line.”

Jonathan Bomarito: “This is really my first weekend with the team and watching the program over the last year and seeing the leaps and bounds they’ve made from inside the cockpit is great.

“We didn’t run in the wet (on the final day) because we feel good about where we’re at pace-wise and with reliability. It was an incredibly productive two days. Both cars ran every lap of every session. We were able to learn more in two days then we have in a long time.”

#50 50 Plus Racing/ Highway To Help Riley Dinan BMW DP (Pace/DeFoor/Hinton/ Schroeder)

This entry marks Dorsey Schroeder’s return to racing for the first time in many a year. The fund raising effort is always conducted with good humour and the team needed all of that and more after a major airborne shunt on Saturday Morning on the start/ finish straight saw Byron DeFoor very fortunate to escape escape injury when he flipped the #50 Riley BMW after a tyre-related issue at the right rear of the car.

The car was fully airborne, just missing the debris fence before ending up at the entry of Turn One upside down.

The team though report that the damage to the car is easily repairable before the race in 2 weeks time.

The car’s best time meanwhile was a 1:43.301 set on the first day.

PC Class

Eight cars ran at the test and with a little more power to draw upon the PC Orecas were in amongst the slower Prototype entries, the field separated by 1.8 seconds over the three days.

#54 Core Autosports Oreca FLM 09 (Bennett/Braun/Wilkins/Gue)

The reigning TUSCC Class Champions (and PC winners at the Rolex 24 Hours in 2014 too) started 2015 where they left off last year and topped the times at the Roar.


Ideal conditions on Saturday morning saw Colin Braun set the fastest PC time of the event, a 1:41.769 (125.932 mph). Braun’s PC pole time for the 2014 Rolex 24 at Daytona was a 1:41.777 (125.922 mph).

Colin Braun: “Everything was good to go off the truck. We had a list of things we wanted to work through and try and continue to build on from last year. We were just checking things off the list.  It’s nice when you show up at a test and it’s the same group of personnel.  I think that’s a real big help for us. Nobody had to get used to anything, they just got right to work.

“I think we had enough clear track time that we were able to accomplish what we wanted, but also get a taste of what it’s like in traffic.  I think we definitely had less cars on the entry list and that made it a bit easier to get clear laps than in years past.

“We have a reasonable grip on the new rules now. We had a mid-day rule change on the first day of testing. That keeps you on your toes, but we’re adaptable and ready to figure it out and that’s what makes us a strong group.

“We feel really prepared and ready to go. Obviously there’s not a whole lot of time between now and the 24-hour race like there has been in year’s past, so the boys have a lot of work to do to get the car ready to go, but we’ve got good people in place and they know what to do. There’s not enough time to work on a whole lot, so I’m really glad we put in a lot of time preparing over the off season. We knew the short break was coming and we’re ready to go!”

#11 RSR Oreca FLM 09 (Cumming/Junqueira/Hawksworth/ Menezes)

It was a strong test from the RSR squad who topped the times in both the first and fifth sessions and were in the top four in every session they ran in.


The team’s best time, a 1:41.865, came in the Saturday afternoon session courtesy of Bruno Junqueira.

#8 Starworks (Schultis/van der Zande/Popow/ Hedlund/Bernou)

Peter Baron’s Martini liveried car was another effort to stay close to the top of the pack throughout. The team topped the times in two sessions, the second session on Friday and the seventh session of the Roar on Sunday Morning.


The car’s best time though was set by Renger van der Zande on Saturday morning with a 1:42.146

#16 BAR1 Motorsports (Mowlem/Papadopoulos/Drissi Alder)
#61 BAR1 Motorsport (Plowman/Drumwright/Ducote/ Ware)

1:43.143 (#16)
1:43.352 (#61)


Brian Alder, Team Owner: “We’ve got a rather ambitious month ahead of us,” noted Alder. I’m really happy with our driver lineups and so far, the weekend is shaking out pretty good. The #16 car driven by Johnny Mowlem, Tom Papadopoulos, Tomy Drissi and myself, is right in the mix with the front runners. The #61 is on pace as well with Martin Plowman behind the wheel leading the group of Marc Drumwright, Chapman Ducote and Cody Ware.”

“That said,” added Alder, “you’re never really sure what the true benchmark is a test like this. I’m sure there’s a little bit of poker going on and no one is going show their hand. It’s just how these things work. But it’s a good opportunity to get the drivers comfortable… with the car and with each other. But I’m sure we’ll be trying out lots of different setups once we get back here at the end of the month.”

Johnny Mowlem: “It was a good three days of work. In the session that I ran new tyres we ended up second quickest and over the whole combined three day test we were fourth-fastest in class, so things are looking positive for the race in two weeks time.


“The whole team across both our #16 and our sister #61 race car worked very well together and it was an enjoyable start to the 2015 racing season.”

#52 PR1/ Mathiesen Motorsports (Guasch/Novich/Palmer/ Kimber-Smith)

Tom Kimber Smith was a relatively late addition to the #52 squad for the test as the team looked to dial in their new look squad for the racing to come. Mid pack times were the order of the day with TKS’s 1:43.380 the best of the bunch from Saturday Morning.


#85 JDC/ Miller Motorsports (Goikhberg/Simpson/Mitchell)

Steady progress throughout the test was a good sign for the JDC/ Miller boys, the car looking better as the test went on. A 1:43.507 the best of their efforts.

#38 Performance Tech (French/Mee)

No Dalton Sargeant for Performance Tech after the 16 year old was refused a license to race (or test) at Daytona. The team are now looking for an alternative third man. There was further trouble too after a shunt for Jerome Mee ended the team’s Roar on Saturday afternoon, a class propping 1:43.586 their best effort.