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South African Endurance Series: African 6 Hours Phakisa, Race Result

The racing debut of the Mountune engined Pilbeam MP100 saw the car finish the Phakisa 6 Hours but well down to the eventual race winning Juno SS3 CN car of Harp Motorsport, the LMP2 car had run as high as second, running 1/2 with the sister Team Africa Le Mans CN class Pilbeam MP989 (with the smaller car leading).

South African Endurance Series

The pair thought were two of several of the prototypes in the field hit mechanical trouble allowing the The Hankook backed #11 car of Steve Humble, Johan Engelbrecht and Colin Plit to come through for the win.

The Porsche SA backed 911 GT3 Cup of Peter Wharton-Hood and Toby Venter came home second overall with the #S45 Black Chrome Shelby Can Am third.

Race Result

1 11 Harp Motorsport Steve Humble, Johan Engelbrecht and Colin Plit 191 laps 06:00:17.920 Juno SS3 CN
2 9 Porsche SA Toby Venter/ Peter Wharton-Hood+3 Lp. Porsche 997 Cup
3 S45 Black Chrome Mark Lauth/ Mike Verrier/ Darryn Lobb +8 Lp. Shelby Can Am
4 99 Taylon Racing Jeff Gable/ Derek Van der Merwe/ Anton Muller+11 Lp. Birkin Seven
5 120 Harper Cars Craig Harper/ Clinton Thorne +16 Lp. Harper Type 5
6 100 Team Africa Le Mans Greg Mills/ Sarel Van der Merwe/ Derek Irving +18 Lp. Pilbeam LMP-100
7 94 Garagista Beer Company Dillon Miller/ Matthew Miller/ Stephen Miller +26 Lp. Porsche 911
8 77 Frankies’s Olde Soft Drinks Co Bruce Avern Taplin/ Mike Schmidt +34 Lp. Toyota Corolla
9 70 Crous Racing Deon Crous/Carlos Nobre/Robbie Benica +36 Lp. VW Golf 1
10 72 Backdraft Racing Tony Martin/ Martin Wright/ Paul de Klerk +36 Lp. Backdraft BDR4000
11 36 Freak Show Racing Gerdus Smit/ Estelle Vermooten/ Ben Knights +39 Lp. Locost Rocam
12 79 Hendok Group 2 +46 Lp. VW Golf 1
13 8 Rod Schafer Racing Schafer/ Rob Hewitt +55 Lp. Lotus Seven
14 7 Ecurie Zoo Duncan Vos/ Graham Vos +56 Lp. JUNO SSV6
15 3 Stradale Motorsport Charl Arangies +70 Lp. Ford Mustang
16 911 M.I Equipment Stefan Puschavez +41 Lp. Porsche 911
17 98 Team Africa Le Mans Roddy Mills/ Andrea Bates +96 Lp. Pilbeam MP-98
18 73 Hendok Group Fred de Kock/ Justin Mathie/ Gary Sherrat +96 Lp. Nissan 370Z
19 84 PP Racing Dave Alhadeff/ Jaco Lambert/ Chris Carolin +107 Lp. Panoz Esperante GTLM
20 910 Motul Team Classic Motorsport Steve Pickering/ Rohann Theron/ Jarred Wray +107 Lp. Porsche 910
21 S44 Revolution Racing Elna Croeser/ Stuart Mack/ Ian Smith +109 Lp. Shelby Can Am
22 S14 Fine Metals Jon Wilson/ Rui Campos/ Jason Campos +112 Lp. Shelby Can Am
23 26 Team Scuderia Scribante Dino Scribante/ JP Bredanham +118 Lp. Tiga SC
24 34 Backdraft Racing Mike McLoughlin/ Franco Scribante +131 Lp. Backdraft BDR4000
25 1 Harp Motorsport Francis Carruthers/ Nick Adcock/Dean McCarroll +144 Lp. Juno SS3 V6
26 91 Just Racing Neil Macleod/ Andrea Letnick/ John Glover +182 Lp. Birkin Seven