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McLaren F1s At Goodwood Part One, The Short Tail Cars

We’re playing catch-up after a busy week at Paul Ricard with a todo list that is measured in volumes!

First up is the first of a number of submissions from the 73rd Goodwood Members Meeting.

Jem Marsh’s recent passing saw the DSC Ed. back in touch with photographer Gary Harman for the first time in several years and Gary has been good enough top send us a range of shots from Goodwood, this selection concentrating on the biggest gathering of McLaren F1s (so far!)

1995 F1 GTR #03R, The WEST McLaren

Modified from a road car for owner Thomas Bscher the car won the 1995 BPR Teams Championship with Dave Price Racing but failed to finish at Le Mans that year (one of the few McLarens to dnf).


McLaren_F1_03The car just missed out on a Le Mans podium the following year.



1995 F1 GTR #06R, ‘The Harrods McLaren’


First up for this article is the McLaren F1 GTR #06R from 1995, entered by Mach One Racing a podium finisher at Le Mans that year (3rd) and now owned by David Clark, driven at Goodwood by both the owner and by driver in period Derek Bell. 20 years on the livery still looks fresh, an iconic car that did much to stir the sportswear racing pot for the DSC Ed!


As with all of the McLarens the interior is utilitarian but 90s high tech, a clear sign of a true road car remade for the track.



1996 F1 GTR #10R

This car was the factory test and development machine, the first 1996 spec racer, built to replace the original prototype GTR.


It ran in pre-qualifying but has never raced and was more recently converted for road use by owner Nick Mason


1996 F1 GTR, #013R ‘Lark’

An ex Kazamuchi Goh owned car that was driven in period by, amongst others, Ralf Schumacher. the car helped the team to the All Japan GT Championship before being bought by current owner Andy Bruce and converted to road use.




1996 F1 GTR, #015R ‘Gulf’

One of the replacements for the first batch of Gulf liveried GTRs #015R finished fifth at Le Mans in 1006 and contested the BPR in that year too, then owned by Sir Lindsay Owen Jones (now Chairman of the FIA Endurance Commission, Pierre Henri Raphanel and David Brabham.



The car is now owned by Roald Goethe and forms part of his stunning ROFGO Collection – It was driven at Goodwood by Jamie Campbell Walter.



1996 F1 GTR, #016R ‘Fina’

One of a trio of 1996 cars acquired by BMW and campaigned by Bigazzi in 1996.



The car was a finisher (11th) at Le Mans in 1996 with Jacques Laffite, Marc Duez and Steve Soper before becoming another ex-racer to be converted for street use, though happily retaining the racing livery.