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DMSB Announce Package Of Measures For Racing At ‘Ring

With thanks to Soeren Herweg the German Motorsport governing body the DMSB has just announced a package of measures affecting racing at the Nurburgring in response to the fatal accident there two weeks ago.

These include:

Speed limit for certain sections, (Speed limit at Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Antiniusbuche: 200 km/h, Dottinger Hohe: 250 km/h, GPS controlled)
Power reduction of 5%, and
Limited access for fans to certain areas.

All cars that were deemed ineligible are now allowed to race again.

All of the measures will remain in place until the state and the DMSB’s own investigations are complete

The full DMSB statement:

DMSB resolves security measures for Nordschleife

The Bureau of the DMSB (German Motor Sport Association) decided at a special meeting extensive safety measures for the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. “This includes a reduction of benefits for some categories of vehicles, as well as a kind of ‘speed limit’ in certain sections,” said DMSB President Hans-Joachim Stuck. “In addition, some spectator areas are not initially accessible to the usual extent.” This is to ensure a safe racing until the prosecutor closed the investigation after the fatal accident on the last weekend in March and more DMSB own investigations are carried out. Prior to the decision of the Bureau DMSB an expert panel of representatives from the racetrack operator of the automobile manufacturer, from professional racers and recreational athletes, the organizers and DMSB safety and technical experts in Frankfurt had met to work out solutions. “All parties agreed that everything must be done to prevent accidents in which viewers can come to harm,” says Stuck. “Now we have adopted measures that allow short course competition again, albeit to a limited extent. At the same time sets the DMSB up an expert committee to develop medium-term solutions, which will then be implemented as soon as the racing season. This could also include comprehensive regulation changes as possible construction. “

Specifically, the following actions are planned for the immediate implementation: The vehicles of the top classes are slowed by the engine power is reduced by five percent. In order to prevent a dangerous lifting, the speed at critical sections Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Antiniusbuche: 200 km/h, must be reduced. This is done by each of several hundred meters in front of these sections is considered a top speed of 200 km / h (at the Dottinger Hohe of 250 km / h). This is similar to warning signals through the ‘yellow flag’, controlled by GPS and has tough penalties for violations. After passing the pace zone may be accelerated again, so that the vehicles with their individual speed drive on the critical areas. Since the acceleration is reduced, the vessels at the sections Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz and Antiniusbuche. Simultaneously, a sudden braking is excluded.

In addition, in the sections Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Metzgesfeld and Pflanzgarten some parts of the audience area will initially be only limited access, to enable structural changes again to access these areas. The temporary ban on the hitherto suspended vehicle classes SP7, SP8, SP8T, SP9, SP-Pro, SP-X and Cup-2, the GT classes of H4, the E1-XP1, E1-XP2 and E1-XP Hybrid on the Nürburgring Nordschleife participate in DMSB approved racing events, has been canceled.

“With the agreed package of measures planned in the coming weeks on the Nordschleife events can take place first. At the same time DMSB is especially keep on racing in mind and looking at a commission of experts for suitable measures intended to enable the safe and fair racing on the Nordschleife in the coming years,” said Hans-Joachim Stuck.