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Nissan GT-R LM NISMO Update: And Then There Were Three!


The DSC Editor took the opportunity of a weekend at Silverstone to pop over to Nissan’s Silverstone staging post for the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 effort.

Amidst a hive of activity the team’s three cars were in build, the first pair of which will have their pre-test Day shakedown in the UK tomorrow.


The third car is on track to appear at the Test Day with engine, systems and hybrid systems being installed during our visit.


“There will be plenty of all-nighters this side of race week but the team is in very good spirits and we have some clear goals in mind for the Test, and for the race week too,” said our guide Darren Cox, Nissans Global Head of Motorsport.


“We’ve learned a huge amount about the car, it’s potential this year and next too and whilst we’d be smart to aim at realistic targets in the immediate future there is a LOT more to come,” said Darren.


The first running in public for the Nissan GT-R LMs is now less than a week away!