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Catching Up With Jordan & Ricky Taylor: “In GTE you have the best of the best”

Paul Marquardt caught up with Jordan and Ricky Taylor a little while ago for a brotherly catch-up – They’ll be in action this weekend in the #10 Corvette DP.


Between the two of you, who holds the fastest time on your driveway go-kart track?

Jordan: “Oh for that we don’t actually keep lap times!”
Ricky: “I think someone would end up getting hurt if we kept laptimes…”
Jordan: “It’s actually not even our driveway. But he does share it with us quite a bit.”
Jordan: “We just have fun with it. Passing each other and so on.”

What is your favorite Le Mans winning car?

Jordan: “I would say the Porsche 962. That era is my favorite era – with Derek Bell and the Rothman’s cars and so on. I loved the era with the 962’s.”

1983 Silverstone 1000kms

Ricky: “I would say the Silk Cut Jaguars. I always loved those cars.”


Jordan: “For a more modern choice, I really loved the Bentley Speed 8 that Guy Smith and Tom Kristensen won in.”

If you could drive any race car, from any era, what would it be?

Jordan: “Chevy Intrepid GTP car. My Dad raced it. It was extremely fast. I was once told a story about my Dad that when he drove it, they would have to tie my Dad’s legs down so he could hold it flat through the faster parts at Lime Rock Park.”


Ricky: “But that’s also because he’s a pretty tiny guy…”

Ricky: “I would pick the Ferrari 333SP. Always loved that car. And that sound…”


What is the best piece of driving advice you have ever been given?, and how has that shaped your driving style?

Jordan: “Johnny O’Connell has given me a lot of advice. He used to always tell me, ‘the car is not yours’ . You need to drive it with no worries. Don’t worry about the car, how much it costs, safety…nothing. You just need to focus on your job: driving the car. I remember when I one time stalled the car when I was leaving the pits because I was trying to be gentle with the clutch. Johnny told me to “leave the pit like you mean it.”


Ricky: “Max Angelelli has always given me great advice. When you’re at a race weekend, track time is so crucial. Earlier on in my career, I would sometimes take a while to work my way up to speed. Max would always tell me to “get angry, don’t waste anytime, don’t let anybody by you. That way no matter when they are behind you, they will always think twice about trying to pass you.”


Would you rather win Le Mans in a GTE car or a LMP2 car?

Jordan and Ricky: “GTE for sure. Because GTE is considered a Pro class and has a lot of manufacturer support. There are a lot of eyes on the cars. I feel like P2 nowadays is more of a Pro-Am class. It’s the fastest of the gentlemen drivers in a lot of respect. In GTE you have the best of the best with all the cars. So I feel like it’s a more rewarding win.


What is your dream road car?

Jordan: “I have a 1965 Corvette C2 Stingray. And, that had always been my dream car.”
Ricky: “I’d want a Ferrari F40 for sure.”
Jordan: to Ricky, “You’re picking all Ferrari stuff aren’t you….”

Do you have any traditions or rituals that you always do before you get into the race car?

Jordan: “I always put my right-sides on first. So my right sock, right shoe, right glove. Then I do my left side sock, shoe and glove. I think it’s more of a habit, but now come to think of it, if I for some reason put my left side on first, I would definitely take it off and start over with my right hand side. It’s definitely a superstition for me. I sometimes have even had to get fully undressed and start completely over to make sure I do it all in the right order.”

Ricky: “I used to do the same exact thing as Jordan….but then I stopped because I was driving myself crazy! I don’t really have anything anymore that I do specifically.”

What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever played on your Dad?

Jordan: “It would be the joke we did with my Dad when he owned his Mercedes.”
Ricky: “Oh yeah. That for sure would be the best one.”
Jordan: “Ricky, myself and Max (Angelelli) took his Mercedes and “Austin Powered” it in the garage. So we parked it sideways in the house garage. It barely fit. So when he got back home, and saw that his car was parked sideways in the garage, he had to figure it out in regards to getting it back out. It took him a LOT of going back and forth, let’s put it that way. But that car had a great steering circle. So he did eventually get it out. We usually don’t pull pranks on him though, we just like to startle and scare him all the time.”
Jordan: “One time Ricky did that to his girlfriend and she started crying.”

What’s something really important to you other than racing?

Jordan: “For me it’s always about Family. Family is the biggest thing for us. We grew up with a very ‘weird’ childhood. We didn’t have many friends. It’s always been Ricky and I. It was always us being together with family. And now that we are racing together, it’s even more about family.”


Ricky: “Should I just be awkward then and say, ‘not family?’ (laughter) “
Ricky: “But seriously it’s the same for me. It’s about my family.”

What is a driving style trait that each of you wish the other had?

Jordan: “I wish I had more a bit of Ricky’s aggression.”
Paul: “The Angelelli affect that Ricky mentioned earlier?”
Jordan: “Yup. Exactly. I wish I was more aggressive in passing.”
Ricky: “I would say the opposite. I wish I had some more of Jordan’s smoothness. How easy he is on the tires, how he saves fuel and so on.”

Paul Marquardt