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FIA WEC: COTA, Final Hour & Result, Wins for Porsche, Ligier & Ferrari

Entering the last hour, the positions up front are settled enough that the place games start. Audi fires the first shot by apparently ordering the 7 past the 8. This is simply a situation of the 7 being in the better points position.

With 33 minutes to go, the leader stops, but is pushed into the garage. The crew swarms around the nose of the car with cooling fans. Then the 7 Audi comes in for a splash. All work on the 18 stops in the garage and it tumbles down the list…

With 26 minutes to go, it is the 17 into the pits, but no garage stop, a splash of fuel only. Back out with a 1:26 lead.

In GT, it is the 91 Porsche solidifying their lead over the 92, Christensen over Pilet. Big changes in GT-Am, with the 72 Ferrari leading by 45 seconds over the 88 Porsche.

G-Force settles in with the LMP2 class lead and is helped by a stop go penalty for the KCMG Oreca, reportedly leaving the pit box spinning the wheels. The question is whether this will allow the second G-Force Liger past into second. The answer is no as they hold a lead of just over a minute from the 28 G-Force.

The most significant battle on track is the battle for 3rd in GT-Am. Seefried is rapidly closing on the 83 Ferrari with Aguas driving. Will Dempsey make the podium in his home country?

The once leading 18 Porsche becomes relegated to Zombie duty, yup. It’s a zombie. It comes back out on track.

Porsche wins overall, Bernhard/Webber/Hartley win by over a minute from the 7 Audi.


In P2 it is a G-Force 1 and 3, with KCMG hanging on for 3rd. ESM comes up about 2 second short of a podium finish on home soil.

GT-Pro is a Porsche 1-2, 91 over 92 with the 71 Ferrari coming home 3rd while in GT-Am, the 72 Ferrari wins over the 88 Porsche and the 83 Ferrari. Dempsey-Proton finishes 4th, just missing a podium opportunity for McDreamy.


Gary Horrocks