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The 2016 GT Pack Testing On Video

With a new look to the GTE pack for the 2016 season there’s plenty of interest in the new and revised cars. Sportscar racing fans are a resourceful bunch and several of the new crop have been caught on video whilst testing.

No video yet of the new version of the Aston Martin, and the Porsche shown below is the GT3 version of the car we believe but on a rainy day here at DSC HQ the sounds alone brightened things up at least a little!

All of the clips below are available on YouTube with the original posters credited below.

Porsche GT3, NM2255 Car HD Videos

Corvette, fansofthe12hours

Ferrari 488 GTE and GT3, Bonnie_Supertramp

Ford GT, Lanky Turtle

Aston Martin Vantage GTE, Hugo de Brito