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Dayvtec Moves To LMP3 With Ligier, Supercar Challenge & ELMS

Regular Supercar Challenge contenders Dayvtec, most recently campaigning Volvo Touring Cars and Corvette GT4 machinery, look set to add a Ligier LMP3 effort in 2016, not just in the Dutch based series but also in the 2016 European Le Mans Series.


Davy Lemons: “For us it is a logical step and a fun challenge. In the past I was, for seven years, Team Manager at Racing for Holland (Jan Lammers in the Dome Judd LMP1). Back working with LMP’s is like coming back home.

“We have in recent years had young drivers from karting and National Championships learn racing in our Corvette GT4. After racing with these cars the Ligier LMP3 is again a challenge and a learning process. The Ligier LMP3 has lots of downforce and no electronic assistance, a “Racing thoroughbred” which is exactly what we want to bring young riders in after the Corvette.

“But it’s not only the young guns that we like to serve. There are so many experienced riders that would, one day like to take part in the race of races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Our LMP3 will be a perfect preparation for these riders.


After a happy season in 2015 we go into 2016, the partnership with Formido deco stores. Partly with Formido we look for in 2016 at the Supercar Challenge and the European Le Mans Series. ”

For more information regarding our program and driver options: