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Rob Kaufmann, Bringing The 1966 Winning Ford GT Back ‘Home’

A familiar face was re-introduced to the DSC Ed at the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing launch earlier this week.

Rob Kaufmann is, as you’ll read a little later, very much part of the effort. But for the purposes of this short piece we’re re-introducing Rob as the owner of the world’s coolest used car, Rob you see owns the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours winning Ford GT!


The opportunity to buy the car came up a few years ago and, let’s face it it is a VERY cool car and I managed to acquire it.

With the 50th anniversary coming up it seemed the ideal opportunity to do a full restoration back to as close as we possibly could to the original car when it crossed the line in 1966.

We are trying really hard to have the car spot on, as a car with its history should be. The guys who are doing it are going to the ‘nth degree!

The goal at the moment is to have the car done by the Spring, bring it across to Le Mans in June, have it on display and maybe turn some parade laps.

Coincidentally whilst all of this was going on I was looking at merging my NASCAR team (Rob owns Michael Waltrip Racing) with Chip’s outfit and of course there was the opportunity to be a part of this sportscar team as a part of that so yes I’m now in part ownership.

As you’re aware I’m a big sportscar fan, I’ve done some racing myself so this was a really fortunate coincidence as part of a process that I was looking at in any case.

The car (the new Ford GT) is cool, very cool, and the EcoBoost tech is amazing. One thing I would change though is, for me, one of the four cars should have black with the silver stripe! I think that would be pretty bad ass!!