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Motors TV & Sky, The Facts

There’s a lot of supposition and not much fact flying around regarding Motors TV having disappeared in the past 48 hours from the Sky Electronic Programme Guide in the UK.

Motors TV have not made any comment or statement on this apparent rowing back of their distribution. The channel had expanded onto a UK terrestrial digital platform (Freeview Ch71) along with listings on cable providers, notably Virgin. The Ch71 broadcasts ceased, late last year, without explanation.

However a source close to the channel says that the management are confident the Sky 447 listing will be reinstated next week. There is clearly some frustration there that the current situation has occurred.

Cause for optimism that the channel will indeed reappear is that Motors TV UK are still broadcasting, exactly as normal, on the Astra satellite platform despite no longer being on the Sky EPG.

You can still view the channel on your satellite box by going to the “add channel” menu and entering the following settings;

Freq 11.082
Polarity H,
Baud Rate 22000 or 22.0
FEC 5/6,

Press scan and then highlight and store MotorsTV UK. Note, you will only be able to access it from the “Other Channels” menu of your receiver.

The broadcast of Motors TV on Freeview Ch240 is not affected and the channel is still listed on Virgin Media.

GG/ John Hindhaugh