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How To Get There


Sportscar racing is a global sport with a global fanbase, and almost all are interested in seeing the great race live. So, the question should be, where are you coming from?

Le Mans is well served by road and rail links, but less so by direct international air services, although several international airports are a short drive or a train ride away.

If you are flying in, Le Mans is just over 200 km from Paris; around a two-hour drive.

There’s France’s world famous high speed TGV train service too. From central Paris you can reach Le Mans in under an hour with a direct tram service from there to the track.

From Paris Charles de Gaulle airport the train takes 1h 40 minutes, and if you book ahead of time and its a major bargain too!

For UK travellers there’s the option of changing trains in Paris from Eurostar to TGV, or of driving yourself via ferry. There are crossings via Portsmouth and Caen, Le Havre or St Malo, Newhaven to Dieppe, Dover to Calais or Dunkirk – the choice is yours depending on whether you prefer a longer crossing and shorter drive (Portsmouth & Newhaven routes) or vice versa (Dover routes).

And there’s the Channel Tunnel option too. There are several crossings an hour via the Euroshuttle service with a five hour drive south from the French terminal.

Once at the circuit race tickets are astonishingly good value, certainly against those offered by other international motorsport events.  Tickets can be bought at the gate but if you want the reassurance, relative comfort and shelter from the sun (and the other available weather options) of a Grandstand seat, then it’s best to book early.

Our strong recommendation though, particularly for first time racegoers, whether you are looking for a full travel and accommodation package, accommodation only and/or race tickets, is to speak to our partner travel providers Travel Destinations.  See their excellent, helpful and comprehensive website at

They’ll advise you on the perfect package whether hotel or campsite based, or something in between with their ‘Glamping’ and Flexotel options.  They’ll ensure you’re in the right place for anything and everything from the potential of a 24 Hour Party to something altogether more genteel!

The most important advice from DSC though is to book as early as possible, and that means months not weeks ahead. With such a huge and loyal fan-base the best options tend to book up very quickly indeed.

The Le Mans experience is entirely unique. The scale of the event, with some 250,000 spectators  and over a full week if you choose to take the time to soak up the pre-race festivities and on-track action, is astonishing.

Trust us, your first time is highly unlikely to be your last! Go with a cheap option, go with something more expensive, but whatever else you do, go to the Le Mans 24 Hours!

Download here, the Travel Destinations pocket guide to all that’s important to know about the greatest motor race on earth.