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Ligier LMP3 Numbers, Not 48!


We reported over the weekend that the Kox Racing Ligier JS P3 sports chassis number 48, but as it turns out it is not, as we assumed, the 48th Ligier LMP3 chassis built as a highly amused Peter Kox told DSC yesterday at Paul Ricard.


“It’s number 48 at Nico’s (car owner Nico Pronk) request. He is a big collector and many of his cars have 48 as the number.

“I read the story and found it amazing how fast one photograph can make its way around the web!”

DSC caught up later in the day with Onroak Automotive owner Jacques Nicolet and asked the question. How many Ligier LMP3s have been built?


“I actually don’t know exactly but I know it isn’t 48!” replied a smiling Nicolet.

“We have a car to announce for another Series in the next week or so and I believe that is number 37 with some other interest moving forward.”

And for completeness. Here are the chassis numbers of the 19 Ligier LMP3s here at Paul Ricard for the ELMS Prologue Test with the most recent car (aside from the #21 Kox Racing example) the #13 Inter Europe Ligier at Chassis 34


#24 Oak Racing – No chassis plate visible but confirmed as Chassis 24!
#9 Graff Racing Chassis 02
#17 Ultimate Chassis 05
#5 By Speed Factory Chassis 06
#11 Eurointernational Chassis 07
#15 RLR Msport Chassis 10
#10 Graff Racing Chassis 12
#18 M.Racing – YMR Chassis 14
#6 360 Racing Chassis 16
#4 Oak Racing Chassis 17
#20 Duqueine Engineering Chassis 18
#19 Duqueine Engineering Chassis 19
#16 Paniz Barthez Chassis 22
#2 United Autosports Chassis 26
#3 United Autosports Chassis 27
#8 Race Performance Chassis 31
#7 Villorba Corse Chassis 32
#13 Inter Europol Competition 34
#12 Kox Racing Chassis 48!