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Chosse (Adess): “Considering The Possibility Of Producing An LMP1 Chassis”

DSC’s Mat Fernandez caught up with Adess boss Stephane Chosse to get some insight on the companies developing projects and the possibility of it entering LMP1 in the future:

Stephane, your car finished on the podium for both races of the opening round of the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup in Sepang. It must have been satisfying for your team?

“Absolutely. Team AAI and Nexus Infinity did really well by finishing second in the first race and third in the second race respectively. Competition was strong, with a few Ligiers and what I consider as the Ginetta works team.

“Our cars ran well, but there is still a significant amount of room for improvement. Overall, we were about a second per lap off the fastest cars.”

This comes after a difficult beginning for the ADESS LMP3. Your car really encountered difficulty during the latest Asian Le Mans Series. What’s happened since? Did you have to significantly re-engineer the car? 

“Not at all. We got the car homologated last year. We haven’t made any major changes since. After we won the ACO LMP3 bid, we hurried to have the car ready to take on track in the Asian Le Mans Series. We could’ve waited and developped the car on our own until we felt it was ready to race competitively.

“We consciously took a different approach, with hardly any development work done on our prototype. We’ve been catching up ever since. We understand the behaviour of the car much better now.”

Can we expect to see an ADESS in the ELMS or in the VdeV this year?

“It’s not impossible… towards the end of the season eventually. We’re really gearing up for the ELMS 2017 season.”

In the meantime, we’ll see one of your cars in the Road To Le Mans. What are your hopes for this race?

“We are extremely humble. We’ll deliver a brand new car to PS Racing from Hong Kong just before the Road To Le Mans race. The entire team will discover the car. That also applies to their two gentleman drivers, who are also competing in the Ferrari Challenge.

“Then this ADESS will head towards Asia, where it will compete in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup.”

ADESS will not be producing an LMP2 in 2017. Are you considering the construction of other prototypes besides the LMP3?

“Yes, we’re considering two different options. On one hand, we’re interested by the CN prototype segment, and, on the other, we are considering the possibility of producing an LMP1 chassis. There is a demand for prototypes that are not LMP2s or LMP1 Hybrid cars.

“We’ll be paying special attention to what will be announced by the ACO during the week of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.”