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Racecar Engineering On The ‘Secret’ Porsche Le Mans Prototype

2000's Porsche 9R3 with Wollek and McNish

From time to time we bring you items of interest out there on the web created by our friends and colleagues elsewhere in media land.

It has to interesting, spectacular (or on the odd occasion funny!)

The latest such piece comes from our friends Andrew Cotton and Sam Collins at the ever so excellent Racer Engineering magazine.

They, as with many others interested in the wonderful world of sportscar racing, have long been intrigued by Porsche’s abortive replacement for the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours winning 911 GT1-98.

The V10 engined LMP2000 or 9R3 was, depending on who or what you believe either the greatest lost opportunity in endurance racing in the past two decades or a car destined to racing failure.

Now, with Le Mans success back on the Porsche Motorsport cv it seems that the previous cloak of secrecy around the car, just a handful of hazy photos had ever been seen, is now lifting with a polite request from Racer Engineering resulting in a relative data dump from Porsche, including a number of photographs never before seen, including our favourite, a photo (above) from the one test session known to have taken place with the car, with Bob Wollek at the wheel and a youthful looking Allan McNish at the rear of the car.

Take a look here, (and while you’re about it look too at the very excellent for more details of the 9R3)