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Christmas Day Film Show: Flops & Legends

Well... Not everything you cook up on Christmas comes out perfect...

Merry Christmas DSC readers! As you reflect on a day of consuming turkey on an industrial scale and handing out gifts to loved ones, why not change gear?

For the final Film Show of 2016, DSC has handpicked clips of the most famous sportscars which either didn’t live up to the hype or never raced.

Let’s kick things off with the most recent car to fall into this category, the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO. The GT-R LM NISMO, was a bold, brave and eye-opening attempt at an LMP1 car by the Japanese brand, and if nothing else, it got people talking.

Say what you like about it, but anytime DSC posted anything about the programme, it got numbers. People were interested and rooting for it to succeed, and for good reason. Any attempt to try something new in sportscars is a good thing, right?

Here’s an onboard of the car at Le Mans during its only ever race.

Continuing the onboard lap of Le Mans theme, here’s the second video. For this one we’re looking back at the Mercedes CLR, which we all know the history of. That’s not to say that there’s not some kick-ass footage of it though. Here’s a lap of Le Mans.

Next up, here’s Aston Martin’s entry into this category, the AMR-One. It’s hard to look back at the Aston Martin AMR-One, as its tenure was so short lived most people who attended its Le Mans debut may not even remember seeing it turn a wheel.

It sounded great though, actually, check that, it sounded incredible. Here it is testing at Monza; even if you don’t like it’s aesthetics, still give this a whirl, turn up the volume and look away from the screen if you have to!

Ah… The Porsche 961, the definition of a Le Mans legend. Still the only all-wheel drive car to race at Le Mans, the 961’s time as Porsche’s star attraction was short lived when it caught fire during the 1987 24 Hours.

It has been resurrected since though, here it is being driven in anger at Goodwood back in 2011.

And finally, here’s the Group C Nissan P35 which never raced.

The sound of the V12 which comes from this machine is quite possibly, the greatest christmas gift of all.

For one last time in 2016, sit back, relax and prepare for a wild ride…