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Lexus Rules Out Plans For GTLM Move

Success in GTD required before moving to the next level

Lexus group vice president and general manager Jeff Bracken has confirmed to DSC that the brand is fully committed to its new GT3 programme based on the RCF at the present time, and is not considering moving up into IMSA’s GTLM class anytime soon, debunking rumours of a full factory GTLM move.

“We’re committed to the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship’s GTD class with 3GT Racing fielding two FIA homologated Lexus RC F GT3 cars,” he told DSC. “Lexus is focused on developing our race car, our organization and growing to where we compete for podium finishes and wins in the GTD class.

“We’re excited about our motorsports program, this is a new racing operation and we need to succeed in GTD before we look at moving to the next level, GTLM.

“We’re thrilled about what the future may hold.”

In speaking with DSC at length, TRD’s David Wilson also stated that there aren’t any future plans beyond its GTD programme – which as of the time of writing hasn’t yet competed in a race in North America.

“We typically don’t explicitly define the length of, or our commitments to racing programmes early on. The spirit that Lexus is taking to this is one that is long term, we’ve been here before but that was different. I feel much more confident and secure in this programme in GT3, as Jeff (Bracken) feels that it runs well alongside its F line.

“Lexus wants to build over time, real performance credibility to what they’re building on the production side, and you can’t do that racing for a year at a time, or three years at a time.

“We’re racing against brands that have been doing this for decades. For us the view of success is to be here in 10 years time, and to be specific about whether that’s at a GTD, GTLM or Prototype level, that doesn’t matter. What’s most important is that we build a long term foundation in motorsports that fulfils our desire.”

A full-length interview will both Wilson and Bracken about Lexus’ GTD programme will be live on DSC in the coming days.