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Michael Shank: “It All Starts Here!”

Race debut for the Acura NSX GT3

Michael Shank was in a very positive frame of mind on race morning ahead of the race debut for his two car Acura NSX GT3 effort.

“Overall so far I’m very happy with progress, qualifying 7th and 9th puts us right in the middle of the competitive end of the grid, a good place to be and to build from.

“As you’d expect with a new effort there have been lots of little issues here but we’ve worked through them all well and now were set to attack our first objective, to get both cars to the finish in good shape.

“There’s been 6-8 days testing with the cars, and a lot of progress in a very short time but, of course, a 24 Hour race debut is a huge ask for any programme, no matter how well you prepare.


“After this race we are restricted to just 4 days track testing but beyond that we need to be busy with K & C (Kinematics and Compliance) testing and rig work. There is work to do for sure on damper development and balance but that’s nothing unusual for such a new car.

“As for the areas I expect us to be strong? The Aero is very good and the engine is very good too, despite being dead stock from the road car assembly line.

“Of course you’d expect me to be very happy indeed about the programme, but much more importantly this is a very important programme for Acura, it sits at the core of a number of things you’ll be seeing moving forward. Acura are changing, and you’ll see a lot more emphasis on performance from here on it, and we hope to give them some headlines to help that effort.

“It all starts here!”