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LMP3 Power Boost Deferred

After Asian teams weigh in

A proposal to boost the power offered by the Nissan engine offered for the spec LMP3 powertrain has been deferred for at least a year after initially being considered for introduction as early as the 2017 season.

A senior ACO source confirmed the proposal had been prompted by concerns over the number of contact incidents in the ELMS between LMP3 and GTE cars, and that the introduction of even quicker 2016 spec GTEs would likely increase the risk of further incidents.

The proposal though was heavily opposed by LMP3 teams in Asia, many of whom are very new to the class and whose current business plans would be affected by the additional expenditure incurred with both uprating their current engines, and the inevitable effects that the move would have on service intervals etc.

The change is though under active consideration for 2018.

The Nissan VK50 currently produces c.420 bhp in LMP3 spec and is supplied equipped with an XTrac gearbox as a complete powertrain for all LMP3 chassis manufacturers by ORECA.