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A Second FIA GT Event To Be Created

Standalone Pro Am event to join factory focused FIA GT World Cup on the calendar

The FIA GT Commission has announced that it will work towards doubling the number of FIA GT events on the racing calendar in future.

The current FIA GT World Cup, held to this point at Macau, is set to continue at a location yet to be determined (Though Macau is not counted out). That event will focus on manufacturer involvement.

In addition The FIA GT Commission intends to launch an invitation to tender for a promoter to propose the full concept of an FIA GT3 PRO/AM customer event.

That event would be held at a different location, and at a different date to the FIA GT World Cup.

DSC understands that the intention is to create an additional event rather than to brand an existing race on the calendar.

That though could be an interesting challenge with an increasingly packed, and geographically diverse, GT racing calendar.