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DSC Welcomes New Super GT Correspondent

An increase to DSC's Super GT coverage

In amongst the ever increasing congestion to the sportscar racing calendar there are always races and series that scream out to be given more attention.

One of those is Super GT and we’ll be changing that situation for the Japanese-based super series right now after such a positive reaction to DSC’s 2016 coverage.

In light of that we would like to welcome RJ O’Connell to the DSC team, whose Super GT World website has long been a source for the best, most accurate and most comprehensive news and feature content.

Alongside this partnership, Super GT World continues of course, but thanks to RJ’s input, and an increased level of contact from here on in with the major Japanese factory efforts, we hope to provide a turbocharged four pot of coverage from here on in.

First up the season previews, GT500 kicks it off and RJ’s first offering has so much depth that we have opted to run this in three separate parts covering the efforts of each of the factory teams.