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Friday Night Film Show: The Nordschleife

Some of the best, from the toughest circuit on Earth

With the excitement building ahead of tomorrow’s VLN race – the second of the year – it’s a good time to watch some of the best clips available showcasing the Eiffel Forest’s most hallowed ground.

The Friday Night Film Show is back, and with a vengeance!

Let’s start with some onboard footage, as we often do. Here’s Frikadelli Motorsports’ Sabine Schmitz pushing hard in a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR back in 2014. It’s frightening, congested and raining; it must be the Nürburgring!

Next up is McLaren’s own short film about taking its P1 round the circuit, which includes some stunning trackside shots of the P1 being pushed to its limits.

Our next selection is a blast from the past, with this incredible short documentary on the 1967 Formula One Grand Prix, which as you can imagine, shows off a ‘simpler’ time for the sport.

Another piece of onboard footage now, as Darren Turner guides us round the Nordschleife. The Vantage proves to be a very different animal than the Porsche!

And finally, here’s some trackside footage shot from he stands, focusing on the Lexus RC-F GT3. There’s a good mix of angles, from a wide selection of corners, all in glorious HD quality.

Check back tomorrow to see DSC’s live coverage of VLN 2, in sound and vision, which will be streamed on the site.