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The Story Behind IDEC Sport’s 2017 Livery

Mat Fernandez speaks to IDEC Sport about its new-look Ligier

French ELMS LMP2 team IDEC Sport Racing revealed the new livery of its Ligier JS P217 a few weeks ago. The choice was the result of a contest they held on its Facebook page.

“We gaining increasing notoriety thanks to our presence in many sports, including motorsports, sailing, football and rugby. Yet, we are a small team with a family mindset,” said IDEC Communication manager Stéphanie Denier d’Aprigny.

“Over the past year, we have been amazed by the increasing number of people following us on social media. As we were preparing for the new season, we were thinking about a way of thanking and further involving our fans. This is how the idea of a livery contest on Facebook was born.”


The rules of the contest were simple: provide the best livery with three colors including white, black and red. IDEC received thirty-six livery proposals in total, but only twenty-seven were eligible to compete.

“Some of our fans forgot to read the rules and provided a livery that really had nothing to do with what we were looking for. We were offered a blue, white and red livery, for instance… a color coding that would have been perfect for Graff Racing but not for us. We also received proposals that were copies of existing liveries. Of course, we could not select these,” said Denier d’Aprigny.


IDEC management’s team quickly selected their top three favorite liveries, including ones provided by industrial designer Victor Vullo and Midweek Motorsport collectivist Dan Hounsell.

“My inspiration for the livery was actually the IDEC Group itself,” said Hounsell, who also happens to be an industrial design student at New York’s Pratt Institute. “Since they handle building projects I wanted this livery to express strength and precision, so I designed it around the hexagon pattern, which is a strong shape in nature. The large stripes down the side are meant to be a bold contrast against the high detail pattern. I wanted it to look dynamic and flow with the shape of the car.”


Vullo’s livery ultimately won. “We made our decision based on aesthetic considerations as well as on practical aspects,” remarked Denier d’Aprigny. “If you take Hounsell’s design for instance, we really loved the honeycomb idea, but we were concerned that it could become too complex to perform repairs on the bodywork’s paintjob after an accident or contact with another competitor.”

Victor Vullo will attend a few test sessions and experience the Le Mans week as a VIP guest of IDEC. Fans will be able to admire the new IDEC livery throughout the ELMS season and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.