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DSC Gets Exclusive Media Access To Ginetta LMP1 Wind Tunnel Test

Programme progressing at a pace

More good news on the LMP1 Privateer front – this time from Ginetta.

Their 2018 LMP1 project is progressing at some pace with several major components, including the chassis and gearbox, set to be signed off within the next ten days and the programme well on course to meet the timeline announced earlier this year for construction and testing.

Wind Tunnel testing of the very latest CFD developed surfaces is also about to get underway at the Williams Advanced Engineering tunnel and DSC will have exclusive access to those sessions. The wind tunnel model will be completed in the week leading up to Le Mans with the first five-day tunnel session taking place during Le Mans week with DSC bringing you images and details.

The latest render of the new car is above – mildly obscured by Ginetta ahead of new images being released in the coming days.