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Ginetta LMP1 Model Heads To Williams Wind Tunnel

Tunnel testing begins for 2018 LMP1

The latest stage of design work for the new for 2018 Ginetta LMP1 car is well underway with wind tunnel work happening this week at Williams Advanced Engineering at Grove in Oxfordshire UK.

The initial wind tunnel model is today in the midst of in the midst of the first of a series of five day sessions in the Williams tunnel after undergoing confirmation tests at Grove early this week.

Ginetta Technical Director, Ewan Baldry; “We are taking data all the time, with design work still ongoing as we gather the data from the earlier iteration in the tunnel. We are already significantly ahead in teams of the design of the model we have in the tunnel, but there’s plenty that we can learn from the results which will help accelerate development even more.

“We are delighted with the model that Williams have put together. It really is a work of art. The level of sophistication under the skin is something to behold. The many pressure tappings, pneumatic scale tyres, flexures to ultra-low friction suspension, intricacy of the uprights and the brake detailing. Furthermore, the Mecachrome engine has been reproduced using rapid prototyping technology too – all of which means we have been provided with a fantastic tool with which to do our aero development.”

The new LMP1 car is set for an introduction to competition for the 2018 FIA World Endurance Championship in the hands of Privateer teams. The car will be powered by a new direct injection turbocharged V6 engine, producing c.800 bhp – depending on eventual fuel flow allocation. The result marks a significant performance and development step up from the current LMP2 class which permits far less in-season development by the teams.