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Seidl On The 2020 LMP1 Regulations

"it’s going in the right direction for the future"

Porsche Team Principal Andreas Seidl confirmed the FIA’s 2020 LMP1 Technical Regulations announced earlier today are entirely within the scope of his team’s considerations for the further development of its LMP1 programme.

Speaking with DSC at Porsche’s Press Conference ahead of this weekend’s 24 hours, he was quick to point out the future regulations were arrived at with the collaboration of Porsche, Toyota and – notably – Peugeot, in establishing a technical platform upon which a stable commercial model could also be envisaged.

So, do the 2020 regulations concur with Porsche’s ‘Mission: Future Sportscar’ philosophy?

“Definitely – you have to see how these new regulations came into place. We’ve had discussions for several months with Peugeot on board and Toyota, under leadership of the ACO. In the end the main goals were keeping the level of technology high and road relevant, but also to be cautious with costs.

“I think with what the ACO have announced today it’s going in the right direction for the future. There’s some good elements, like the fast-charging electric motors and active aerodynamics. We keep the high voltage technology, and the two systems which still helps all of us to develop hybrid technology, which is relevant for our Mission E concept car which gets launched in 2019. We have great examples from direct tech transfer from the 919 Hybrid into that project.”

So you are feeling positive about your continuation with the programme?

“It was a good announcement today; we just need to see what happens with additional manufacturers. That’s one of the big targets we have, to attract additional players.”

But you would seem to be comfortable in taking this to the board for approval?

“We always said we wanted to wait until the new regulations were clear, we obviously want to get a good idea what is happening with other manufactures. We will bring that to the board to decide on the next period of the project. We see that we manage a reduction of the budgets with what’s been announced today, so yes.”

Wouldn’t the budget required to reach today’s competitive level of Hybrid technology, combined with the additional development costs of fast charging battery propulsion potentially be seen as prohibitive by other manufacturers looking to become involved?

“Not necessarily, I think there have been a lot of measures in place which will decrease costs significantly. At the same time you have to work on developing the new stuff. I said today as well that the discussion was not just between Porsche, Toyota and Peugeot, the ACO and FIA had other manufacturers involved as well in the discussion. I think there was a huge agreement between all of us on a lot of topics. I think we have everything we want on the table.

“The leadership is clear from the ACO and FIA. They have the vision in which way it will go, and I think it’s good.”