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#35 Signatech Alpine Penalised After Panciatici Cited For Dangerous Driving

30 second Stop and Go after near collision with Toyota in Qualifying

A 30-second Stop and Hold for the race has been dealt out for the #35 Alpine after Nelson Panciatici’s weaving in front of the #8 Toyota during LMP Qualifying.

The close shave with Kazuki Nakajima came in the early part of Qualifying. Nakajima came out of the Warsteiner-Kurve to find the #35 Alpine, in the hands of Nelson Panciatici, on his preferred line on the left hand side of the track.

As the #8 punched out of the turn the Alpine though moved right over to the right-hand-side of the track, Nakajima initially delighted that the car ahead had seen him.

“It looked exactly as if he had spotted me and immediately moved over, so much so that I was raising my hand to say thanks.”

Panciatici though hadn’t seen the Toyota and, far from moving over to let the #8 by, was in the process of weaving to try to get heat into his tyres, the sweep back to the left came at the worst possible moment, Nakajima taking to the grass in avoidance and lucky to avoid a major accident.

“It was very close indeed, luckily the car stayed in a straight line, that lap was already gone because of track limits but there’s no doubt it didn’t help us at all.”

You can see the video of the incident here

Despite the near contact Panciatici evidently STILL didn’t see the Toyota, weaving once again as the TS050 recovered from the grass. The Alpine man is currently helping the Race Stewards with their enquiries after being summoned over “Dangerous Driving”.

The penalty will be served under the Race Director’s discretion.

That makes the #35 the third LMP2 car to have been dealt a stop and hold for tomorrow’s 6 hours of the Nürburgring after the three minutes for the #26 G-Drive team after Roman Rusinov’s actions at Le Mans and the seven minutes dealt to the #24 CEFC Manor TRS car yesterday after Jonathan Hirschi’s contact with the #66 Ford under a Red Flag in FP2.