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Coming Soon On DSC: Sportscars That Never Raced

Which efforts would you choose?

There’s an undeniable fascination with racing cars that never fulfilled their purpose and the emergence of this image last week from the Wirth Research website of a Wirth designed (Nissan branded but not Nissan commissioned) LMP1 concept from 2012 has prompted the development of a new DSC series – Sportscar Racers That Never Raced.

After a spirited search through the DSC archive and having given Google a good thrashing we’ve come up with well over 50 cars that will feature in the series, the vast majority of which we have pictures and/ or first person comment upon.

Amongst the cars we’ll be looking at are Prototypes racers including the stillborn Piper LMP (above), the Lindsay LMP675, Peugeot 908 HY, 905 ‘Supercopter’ and Corvette LMP, plus examples from the Group C and earlier eras.

And there will be GT cars too including the Ferrari F50 GT1, Venturi Heritage GT3, Lamborghini Jota and Audi TT GT2

This won’t happen overnight but we’d love to hear from readers of any cars that you think should feature.

Put your thoughts on Twitter @dsceditor, and watch this space.