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Work Progressing On New Run-Off At Porsche Curves

Major earthworks underway

Work has been underway since the end of June to make the latest changes to the safety features incorporated at the Porsche Curves on the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in a programme we covered on DSC here back in May.

There are no changes in store for the track itself but a new run-off areas being introduced inside the final right-hand corner element, the site of a number of huge accidents in recent years, most notably for Marc Gené’s Peugeot 908 at the Test Day in 2008 and for Loic Duval’s Audi R18 in 2014.

That has meant major earthworks, the result of having an artificially elevated section of the track pass over two bridges above a public road (the RD 92) and a river (the Roule-Crottes).

Around 40,000 tons of soil are being moved to create a new 1.1-acre run-off area covered in abrasive bitumen. An indication of just how much earth needs to be moved can be seen in the view below, the level of the ground to the right of the picture needs to be raised to that of the track to the left.

An artificial field located inside the Porsche curves’ final right-hand corner will bridge the Roule-Crottes River running under the track.

There will also be a service lane for emergency vehicles and marshals.

Construction work is due to be completed but the end of September.

The pictures above were taken some weeks ago.