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Win A Season Of Radical SR1 Racing In 2018

at Radical Shootout next month

It’s been a while since we featured the Radical one-make world on these pages but the latest initiative from the boys and girls in Peterborough deserves an airing.

Radical’s Motorsport and Engineering Director Alex Mortimer took some time to explain what was behind the Radical SR1 Shootout:

“The SR1 has always been marketed by us as our Novice car but the reality in the current economic climate is that fewer real Novices are coming forward.

“We took a look at the overall scene and realised that it’s highly likely that we are missing out on a large potential audience.

“We know already from past experience with he SR3 that once we can get people to try the cars they absolutely love them, hooked immediately, and the price point for the SR1 is more than competitive.

“Our idea then is to open this opportunity to anyone with an ARDS license, to give them an opportunity to try the cars at a brilliant price, but with the added spice of having a real opportunity to win a full season of racing in the Radical SR1 Cup in 2018.

“That’s quite a prize, with the Works Team support and all of the bells and whistles we estimate that’s worth around £45,000 at commercial prices.

“To get a chance of winning it you need to be at Rockingham for two days, 9+10 October, where we’ll put you through your paces on and off track. The day costs £499, around the same price as a good trackday, but you could come away with something worth a whole lot more!”

The SR1 has had a sizeable ‘refresh’ for the 2018 season, the basic package is still the same, 1340cc Suzuki edge, 175 bhp in a 490 kg package will get anyone’s attention, the car producing lap times around GT4 levels 0-60 mph in around 3.5 seconds and on to nearly 140 mph with lateral g up to 1.9g, an ideal introduction to a ‘downforce’ sportscar.

“there is new bodywork for the coming season,” said Alex, “we’ve been rolling it out in a ‘soft’ launch in the latter part of this year but the car looks fresh and there’s never been anything lacking in the performance department!

So one lucky punter is set to win a really impressive prize package, for the rest though the SR1 Cup next year is still a compelling proposition:

“If you threw everything at it, rolled out the red carpet, a full season is around £30k. Many people though do it as a ‘lad & dad’ effort, tow the SR1 behind their own car and still have a great time and are competitive too. I reckon doing it like that a full season for around £12k is entirely doable, there’s not much out there that gives you that level of performance and competition for the money.”