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Scott Tucker Convicted On Racketeering Charges

Sentencing set for early 2018, up to 20 years in prison in prospect for ex-Level 5 team owner

Ex-American Le Mans Series LMP2 Champion and Level 5 Motorsports team owner Scott Tucker has been convicted on all 14 counts tried of racketeering charges linked to his payday loans businesses.

Tucker’s attorney, Timothy Muir was also found guilty in the same Manhattan federal court hearing on charges which included collection of unlawful debts, use of misleading contracts and statements that the businesses were owned and operated by Native American tribes to avoid aspects of Federal law.

Attorney Joon Kim said in a post verdict statement:

“Tucker and Muir sought to get away with their crimes by claiming that this $2 billion business was actually owned and operated by Native American tribes.

“But that was a lie. The jury saw through Tucker and Muir’s lies and saw their business for what it was – an illegal and predatory scheme to take callous advantage of vulnerable workers living from paycheck to paycheck.”

Tucker and Muir are subject to home arrest until sentencing, expected to take place early in 2018 with potential 20-year prison sentences in prospect for both men.

Assets totalling $2 billion are also set to be seized from Tucker.