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Gulf Racing UK Evaluate Expanded FIA WEC Programme

Second Porsche 911 RSR looking likely - Team looking for drivers

Whilst much of the FIA WEC paddock chatter is about the rumour, reality and potential in the LMP market there are equally interesting prospects for the GTE entry for the forthcoming 2018/19 ‘Super Season’.

One is the possibility of a further GTE Pro car for the full season, details as soon as those involved are comfortable with us writing about it.

Another is the potential for a further boost to the GTE AM numbers beyond the likely return of the current crop, plus a second Proton entry and the TF Sport Aston programme revealed on DSC some weeks ago.

That comes with a possible expanded programme from the Gulf Racing UK squad, Team Owner Mike Wainwright having already confirmed to DSC that he intends to return next season with a brand new 2017 spec Porsche 911 RSR.

Mike revealed at that point that he had hoped to acquire a second car and rumours are rumbling that whilst no deal has yet been finalised the initial hope it seems has transitioned via the possibility stage to a probability.

Commercial Director Owen Daley was rather surprised to be approached by DSC on the matter on race morning in Fuji:

“We are always looking at what might take the team forward and it’s quite correct to say that Mike is looking for a second car and that that prospect might be rather closer than people might think . To make that work though we’d need a solid programme and confirmed drivers for a full season.  I’m always happy to talk to anyone interested in that sort of programme.”

There’s no confirmation on whether any potential second car for Gulf would be a car from the initial batch of six 2017 spec 911 RSRs released by Porsche for sale to customers in 2018 or a seventh car.