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SRO Submit Sochi ‘Nations Cup’ Concept For FIA GT Pro-Am World Cup Consideration

Sprint races, 21 October 2018 proposed

SRO have bid for the current FIA tender to hold a Pro-Am FIA GT World Cup with a ‘Nations Cup’ concept at Sochi on 21 October 2018. The new three sprint race format Pro-am event is set to sit alongside the established FIA GT World Cup World Cup for Pro crews held once again this season at Macau.

The SRO proposal sees two driver crews for GT3 cars composed solely of Silver and Bronze rated drivers with one crew per ‘Nation’  both drivers per crew must have the same nationality by passport.

‘When you look at the 2017 entries for our GT3 Championships it shows drivers from 32 nations, add in the other nations represented in the FIA driver rankings and the total goes to well over 50.”

“I am confident that if we are successful in attracting the race to SRO after a long history of running GT Championships with the FIA then we can attract a big grid of very high quality.”

The result of the tender process is due to be announced after the next meeting of the FIA World Motorsport Council on 6 December.

Pic courtesy of Sochi Autodrom