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The DSC Christmas Quiz: Part 3

Fiendish questions from the DSC Ed!

In part 3 of our, just for fun Christmas Quiz the DSC Ed has been exercising his grey matter to come up with a series of questions to test the knowledge, and the patience! of our readers over the Christmas break.

1 – Who are the only remaining ‘ever presents’ in FIA WEC competition after 6 seasons and 50 races, three drivers, and three teams?

2 – Including DPi versions what was the score in terms of race wins between the four LMP2 chassis constructors after their first season of competition?

3 – Who, at a stroke, became by far the most widely-read source for IMSA news and how?

4 – Which two teams retained an LMP3 Championship title in 2017?

5 – Where did Mercedes AMG’s new GT4 have its race debut?

6 – Why did Allan McNish miss the opening moments of his first FIA WEC TV commentary at the 6 Hours of Silverstone?

7 – Which driver has driven a GTE car that has never been raced but will race another GTE car that he has never driven?

8 – The 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour saw a milestone GT3 start for Toni Vilander, how many races had the Flying Finn started in a Ferrari GT3 before that race?

9 – What cost Nico Prost the 2017 FIA WEC LMP2 Drivers title?

10 – Since the FIA WEC began three men, Brendon Hartley, Andre Lotterer and Nico Hulkenberg have driven an LMP1 and an F1 Grand Prix in the same season, who was the last man to achieve that ‘double’ in the pre-WEC era?

11 – What did the Super GT Championship, British GT Championship and FIA WEC have in common in 2017?

12 – Which are the only two Class Championship winning teams in LMPC or PC ALMS or IMSA history not to feature on the Prototype entry for the 2018 IMSA Championship.

13 – Why was the first Dallara LMP2 win in non-DPi form thanks to another Dallara team that didn’t win?

14 – Land Motorsport won three races on the same day in October. Which races, or in which Championships?

15 – Which car took the outright lap record at Kyalami in 2017?